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Industry backs VoLTE initiative

“The widespread support for a harmonised approach to deliver voice and SMS sessions over LTE, based on specifications already available in the 3GPP portfolio, is a great achievement and should be applauded.”
Adrian Scrase - Head of 3GPP Mobile Competence Centre

GSMA Press Release, 15 February 2010

The GSMA today announced it has adopted the work of the One Voice Initiative* to drive the global mobile industry towards a standard way of delivering voice and messaging services for Long-Term Evolution (LTE). The GSMA’s Voice over LTE (VoLTE) initiative has the backing of more than 40 organisations from across the mobile ecosystem, including many of the world’s leading mobile operators, handset manufacturers and equipment vendors, all of whom support the principle of a single, IMS-based voice solution for next-generation Mobile Broadband networks. The GSMA will also lead the development of the specifications that will enable interconnection and international roaming between LTE networks, and will complete that work by Q1 2011.

3G Americas Report on HSPA+, LTE and LTE-Advanced

3G Americas has published its resource report on 3GPP standards and their evolution to IMT-Advanced, or 4G.

The white paper, "3GPP Mobile Broadband Innovation Path to 4G: Release 9, Release 10 and Beyond: HSPA+, SAE/LTE and LTE-Advanced", provides in-depth examination of 3GPP technology standards from a technical, business and applications standpoint.

HSPA growth reflected in device numbers

The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) confirmed today that 2,137 HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) user devices have been launched in the market by 214 manufacturers...

According to the latest HSPA Devices survey published today by GSA, 861 new devices were launched on the market in the past year alone, representing growth of over 67% year on year (YoY). The number of suppliers grew in the same period by more than 30%, from 164 to 214 companies.

More than 500 EDGE Networks Worldwide

February 1, 2010: A new survey by the [Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA)->www.gsacom.com
] published today confirms the continuing globalization of GSM/EDGE systems.

The key findings are contained in the updated EDGE Fact Sheet, and shows that 503 operators have committed to EDGE network deployments in 195 countries. The number of operators committed to EDGE has increased by more than 14% over the past year.

The EDGE Fact Sheet also confirms that 487 EDGE networks are now commercially launched in 190 countries (see GSA web site for a full list). Operators in all regions have made significant investments to enhance the capacity and coverage of existing networks, often extending EDGE capabilities to their full GSM coverage area.

GSM/EDGE, a software enhancement to GPRS networks, is a mainstream mature and global technology which is supported by a well developed ecosystem. The first commercial EDGE network was launched in June 2003. GSA estimates that over 80% of GPRS operators have since committed to the EDGE enhancement, delivering significant data traffic and revenue growth.

WCDMA & HSPA reach 500 Million customers

The UMTS Forum (www.umts-forum.org) confirms that subscriptions to 3G/UMTS networks have reached 500 million. The milestone comes just over eight years after the world’s first commercial 3G/WCDMA network was launched by Japanese operator NTT DOCOMO.

According to data from mobile information provider Wireless Intelligence (www.wirelessintelligence.com), there are now over 300 UMTS family networks worldwide.

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