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Mission critical broadband

Nov 14,2023

On November 15 the 3GPP partner TCCA’s Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG) held its Plenary meeting.

The overarching theme of the CCBG plenary was to identify actions to enable mission critical broadband adoption and sustainable development globally. A key requirement for that is an interoperable multivendor market, through the joint efforts across TCCA, GCF (Global Certification Forum) and ETSI to support the successful test programme and procurement of certified 3GPP conformant products.

Some TCCA Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG) priorities are listed in the press release from the November 15 meeting:

  • A task force is to be established to study how the Nordic rugged mission critical broadband devices requirement paper can be applied globally.
  • CCBG task force is already working on Non-Terrestrial-Network (NTN) requirements. It will establish a new Device-to-Device 5G Sidelink task force to study and address market needs.
  • Mutual initiatives from North America and Europe to form the basis for efficient cooperation.
  • Other CCBG projects include task forces working on critical broadband applications, high power user equipment, mission critical broadband callout, mission critical massive video, spectrum allocation, security issues, interworking between narrowband and broadband networks, and 4G/5G roaming for mission critical users.

See the Press Release ‘Critical broadband developments advance at TCCA’s international plenary meeting’ for more details:

About the TCCA Critical Communications Broadband Group

The CCBG is a Working Group of TCCA and drives the development and adoption of common global mobile broadband standards and solutions for users who operate in a mission critical or business critical environment.

About TCCA

On behalf of its members, TCCA supports all standard mobile critical communications technologies and complementary applications. TCCA members are drawn from end users, operators and industry across the globe.

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