The 5G Standard

SA WG5 - Management, Orchestration and Charging


Within the 3GPP Technical Specification Group Service and System Aspects (TSG SA), the main objectives of 3GPP TSG SA WG5 (SA5) are Management, Orchestration and Charging for 3GPP systems. Both functional and service perspectives are covered.

TSG SA WG5 is currently responsible for:

  • Management and Orchestration which covers aspects such as operation, assurance, fulfillment and automation, including management interaction with entities external to the network operator (e.g. service providers and verticals).
  • Charging which covers aspects such as Quota Management and Charging Data Records (CDRs) generation, related to end-user and service-provider.

TSG SA WG5 specifies Management, Orchestration and Charging requirements, solutions and protocol specific definitions. The solutions include architecture, service definitions and data definitions.

TSG SA WG5 is committed to engage in Management, Orchestration and Charging aspects of supporting new services for public and non-public networks.

TSG SA WG5 coordinates with other 3GPP WGs and all relevant Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs), industry fora and Market Representation Partners (MRPs) as well as Open Source communities in the specification work pertinent to Management, Orchestration and Charging.

Terms of Reference

The latest terms of reference were approved at SA#90-e in document SP-201084.