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3GPP - The place to be

We haven't done many videos since the start of the Covid pandemic, but today (January 19, 2023) we have just completed and posted our new 3GPP video, on the theme of 'Why is 3GPP important to you?'

We asked experts from our RAN1 working group that question, with a view to tying in their responses to some explanatory images about what 3GPP is all about and how we make standards.

3GPP Videos

RAN Chair - Wanshi Chen

In March 2021, the TSG RAN leadership elections concluded with the appointment of Wanshi Chen as Chair for the next two years. In this first interview with him, Wanshi outlines some of his priorities for the new term and provides updates on the latest status of Release 17 radio specifications and on TSG RAN’s thinking on the process that will lead to the agreement of the content of Release 18.

Changing 3GPP

This video, recorded at TSG#86 in Sitges, December 2019, brings together:

  • Joachim Walewski, Siemens
  • Roland Beutler, EBU
  • Nicolas Chuberre, Thales Alenia Space
  • Georg Mayer, 3GPP SA Chair, Huawei.

They discuss the reasons why their sector is interested in 3GPP.

Lionel Morand Interview

Guy Daniels interviews Lionel Morand, TSG CT Chair at a time when Rel-16 Stage 3 is ongoing.

  • What do we mean by ‘Stage 3?
  • Release 16 is in Stage 3. When is it due for completion?
  • What is the next phase of work for you?


Suresh Chitturi, 3GPP Working Group SA6 Chair (2019)

Following the modification of the group’s Terms of Reference (ToR) in 2017, 3GPP SA6 Working Group has gradually expanded its activities. While mission-critical applications are still very much central to the SA6 charter, fresh initiatives - since the beginning of Release 15 work - are paving the way for the standardization of new vertical applications within the 3GPP ecosystem, and also promoting the adoption of 3GPP 5G technology across a variety of industries.

Athens 2008 - 10 year charity run

Two highly successful charity runs were held in Athens, in 2008. This musical video is a tribute to the people who took part. The first week we were able to get access to the parkland near to the Acropolis. Unfortunately, the second week's event had to be re-scaled, as there was a bit of civil unrest in Athens, as student protests kept the police and other key workers much too busy to supervise our run. Instead, the second week's event took place in the two blocks close to the Intercontinental hotel - the venue for the TSGs that week.


Partner Videos

On November 24, 2022 several 3GPP partner organizations took part in the online event: "Requirements & Gaps of Vertical Industries for the future 3GPP releases".

Watch the event video here... or see the slides presented by clicking on the links below:

During the roundtable discussion (At 49'00 on the video) our TSG SA Chair - Georg Mayer - and TSG CT Chair - Lionel Morand - added some 3GPP perspective.

George Mayer emphasized the importance of having the vertical organizations helping to drive industry consensus – with companies coming to 3GPP with a common view. He emphasized that once you have a standard, there is still work to do, with the implementation of the specifications by the industry being another area where industry organizations could continue their coordinated approach.

Georg Mayer highlighted two aspects where the role of the verticals in standards can be enhanced. He observed that verticals are strong in 3GPP on requirements, but later stage work is needed, on architecture and the protocols to make sure the work is completed to the satisfaction of the verticals. He suggested that more coordination and consensus is needed from the verticals, beyond their own ‘silos’.

Lionel Morand, CT Chair, noted that there has been success in creating features to meet the verticals' requirements. He mentioned V2X, Time Sensitive Networks and Cloud MEC – All developed for users outside the traditional telco community.

He said that the verticals role in 3GPP is evolving to cover the architecture and protocols – not just a ‘front office’ where requirements are delivered.  Having MRPs in discussion together - as in this event - is helping diverse industries to speak with one voice inside 3GPP.


Thanks to Francesco Osimanti, Project Manager at TRust-IT Services and Chair of the 5G Vertical User Workshop Committee for providing this information and a link to