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Who can become an Individual Member of 3GPP and how much does it cost?

Individual Members are by definition members of the Organizational Partners of 3GPP. This means that members of standardization bodies such as ETSI, ARIB, TTA, TTC, ATIS and CCSA have a right to take part in 3GPP. If your company becomes an ETSI member, please be informed that for participation in 3GPP you need to pay 3 units of contribution as a minimum except SMEs, Users, Universities, Public Research Bodies who should pay 2 units (instead of 1).

ETSI Members' and associate members' fees are calculated by class. The class is derived from the member company's annual ECRT band (Electronics Communications Related Turnover) – see ECRT definition.
Each class corresponds to a number of units. This number determines the contribution payable.

Example: If your organization declares an annual ECRT of up to 135€ million, you would need to pay 2 Units of Contribution (corresponding to 9380€ per year) plus an additional UoC for participation in 3GPP of 3380€ (see fees table). Members joining ETSI during the 2nd half of the year benefit from a 50% rebate on the membership fee of the current year. In this case, you would pay 12760€ minus 50% = 6380€ for yyyy.