The 5G Standard

5G Non-Terrestrial Networks

Jul 19,2023

3GPP Market Representation Partner (MRP) 5G Americas has published its latest white paper, as an “Update on 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks”.

The paper documents recent developments in the integration of Non-terrestrial Networks (NTN) with 5G networks to ensure ground users get mobile services and for satellite constellations to provide access in remote areas to:

  • Cellular, Broadband and Internet services;
  • Connectivity for the ‘Internet of Things’;
  • Direct-to-Cell applications.

In support of these areas, the report observes that a growing ecosystem is developing between NTN service providers and ground-based cellular providers.

Some key topics surrounding NTN networks in this 5G Americas report include:

  • Current status of NTN networks
  • Architectural paradigms update
  • 5G NTN standardization in 3GPP
  • New Radio (NR), and IoT support NTN in Release 17
  • NTN enhancements in 3GPP Release 18
  • Potential for new services with 3GPP NTN solution
  • Federal Communications Commission activities related to NTN

Chris Pearson, President of 5G Americas said, “The integration of non-terrestrial elements into wireless cellular networks with 3GPP standards will help unlock unprecedented coverage and open up the possibility of addressing new use cases.”

This 5G Americas white paper heralds a future where NTN and 5G evolve together to enable “unprecedented connectivity”.

Read the July 20, 2023 Press Release from 5G Americas.