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Management, Orchestration & Charging webinars

October 13, 2021

Two new webinars are set to provide an introduction to the work of TSG SA Working Group 5 (SA5) on Management, Orchestration and Charging for 3GPP systems. Both events are free to attend, on the ETSI Brighttalk platform.

  • Webinar Part 1 -  Introduction to the exciting world of 3GPP SA5 – “management, orchestration and charging” standardization: OAM 
  • Webinar Part 2 - Introduction to the exciting world of 3GPP SA5 – “management, orchestration and charging” standardization: Charging

 See below for the start times in various regions. You can register on the ETSI website - to follow the events live or to catch-up later.

Rel-17 a Priority as F2F time proves elusive

September 22, 2021

The September Technical Specification Group (TSG) e-meetings (#93-e) have agreed that the freeze date for the Release-17 set of features will remain the major focus in the working groups until the end of the first quarter of 2022.

Release 18 will soon come under the spotlight, with agreement due on its ‘Package Approval’ (Approval of Rel-18 content) in December (TSG#94-e). However, apart from that prioritization process, the TSG#93-e meetings have agreed that the start of full-on Release 18 work can only begin once Release 17 has reached its functional freeze date – the date from which only essential corrections to the specifications are permitted - in March 2022.

With the Release 18 work ramping up from Q2 2022 onwards, a clear timeline is approved for a functional freeze date of the first 5G-Advanced release, in December 2023. 

Lifetime achiever gets his Award

September 17, 2021

Stephen Hayes has been granted the 3GPP Lifetime Achievement Award, nominated by his peers and approved by the Project Coordination Group (3GPP PCG), the leadership group in the project.

The award serves not only as recognition of Stephen Hayes’ contribution to 3GPP, but it is also a tribute to his natural empathy and ability to motivate his colleagues towards the fulfilment of common goals.

Stephen has been an unwavering contributor to issues in the Core Network, Systems and Architecture as well as the Radio Access Network area. Much of the time has been spent in leadership positions in 3GPP, such as TSG CN Chair, the TSG SA Chair (for three terms) and the TSG RAN Vice-Chair positions. During all this time he conducted meetings with great fairness and with the focus on finding common ground, often when the experts involved had opposing views.

During yesterday’s Joint TSG CT, RAN and SA plenary session, Stephen Hayes accepted the award with a few words to the 500+ delegates attending the on-line presentation:

Industrial 5G

September 3, 2021

Enhanced support of Industrial IoT in the 5G System (Rel-17)

By Devaki Chandramouli, Work Item Rapporteur

In Release 17, the 5G System expands the support for Time Synchronization and Time Sensitive communications for any application. The 5G System architecture enables any Application Function (AF) - in the same or different trust domain - to provide its requirements for QoS, traffic characteristics for QoS scheduling optimization, time synchronization activation and deactivation.

If the AF is in a different trust domain from the 5G System, then it provides input via exposure framework, NEF API. If the AF is in the same trust domain as the 5G System, then it provides input directly via the Time Sensitive communication Time Synchronization function (TSCTSF).

The Functional Architecture is shown in the figure below:

Advanced plans for 5G

July 6, 2021

The past few days (June 28 – July 2, 2021) have seen the first internal 3GPP workshop on the radio specific content of Release 18, reviewing over 500 company and partner organization’s presentations, to identify topics for the immediate and longer-term commercial needs for*:

  • eMBB (evolved Mobile BroadBand);
  • Non-eMBB evolution;
  • Cross-functionalities for both eMBB and non-eMBB driven evolution.

The workshop is the start of a process that will be completed at the December Plenaries, with cross-group Rel-18 Package Approval (note: WG RAN4 - Radio Performance and Protocol Aspects - package approval is set to follow, in March 2022).

The time duration for the release in RAN is tentatively set at 18 months, with the final decision on that to be confirmed in September 2021, following TSG RAN#93-e.

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