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CTIA - IoT Network Certified™ program

Nov 02,2023

IoT Network Certified: Fueling Innovation Through Cellular IoT - Is the title of a new paper from the 3GPP market partner CTIA.

The rise of IoT - with an estimated 25.4 billion IoT devices forcast by 2030 - brings a variety of new use cases for 3GPP networks. The CTIA Certification paper identifies the Utilities, healthcare devices, manufacturing robotics, agricultural sensors and asset trackers as leading examples of how IoT will bring a whole range of benefits to all areas.


The CTIA news article 'Cellular IoT Fuels Innovation' says: 

CTIA Certification has released a report that outlines the pivotal role of cellular networks in connecting the Internet of Things and explains how our IoT Network Certified Program offers an effective and economical pathway for manufacturers to ensure that their devices can reliably connect to these networks.