The 5G Standard

TSG RAN – Radio Access Network


The 3GPP TSG Radio Access Network (RAN) is responsible for the technical co-ordination of the specification work done in the following Working Groups:

  • RAN1 – Radio Layer 1 (Physical layer)
  • RAN2 – Radio layer 2 and Radio layer 3 Radio Resource Control
  • RAN3 – UTRAN/E-UTRAN/NG-RAN architecture and related network interfaces
  • RAN4 – Radio Performance and Protocol Aspects
  • RAN5 – Mobile terminal conformance testing

RAN is responsible for the GERAN, UTRAN, E-UTRAN, NG-RAN and beyond, including their internal structures and functions, of systems for evolved GERAN, UTRAN, E-UTRAN, NG-RAN and beyond.

Terms of Reference
The latest terms of reference were approved at OP47-e in document OP47_19.

TSG RAN Groups