The 5G Standard

CT WG3 - Interworking with External Networks & Policy and Charging Control


Within the 3GPP Technical Specification Group Core Network and Terminals (TSG CT), the main objectives of the 3GPP TSG CT WG3 (CT3) are the specification, the enhancement and the maintenance of detailed functionality and related protocols for:

  • Interworking between a 3GPP Core Network and external Networks, interworking between PLMNs as well as interworking between PLMN domains.
  • Interworking between IP Multimedia Core Network subsystem and IP Multimedia Core Network subsystems / Circuit Switch networks / external IP networks.
  • Policy and charging control, end-to-end QoS mechanisms.
  • Exposure and provisioning of external application related data to the 3GPP network.
  • Exposure of network analytic information, session management and network and policy related events within the Core Network and towards external applications making use of Northbound APIs. Data model specification for Policy, Application and Structured data for Exposure.
  • Middleware layer and common services between the applications and the underlying 3GPP system for supporting the application layer and allowing the access to service and network capabilities and the provisioning of data.

CT3 is currently tasked for the design and specification of the Northbound APIs between the application servers and the Core Network and the APIs that conform the middleware between vertical applications and the underlying 3GPP network.

Terms of Reference

The latest terms of reference were approved at CP#90 in document CP-203158