The 5G Standard

CT WG1 - User Equipment - Core Network Protocols


Within the 3GPP Technical Specification Group Core Network and Terminals (TSG CT), the main objectives of the 3GPP TSG CT WG1 (CT1) are the production, the enhancement and the maintenance of specifications for User Equipment (UE) to Core Network interfaces and interfaces within the Core Network for:

  • a 5G Core Network (5GCN)
  • an Evolved Packet Core (EPC) 
  • a 2nd and 3rd generation Core Network (2G CN / 3G CN) for Circuit Switched (CS) and Packet Switched (PS/GPRS) 
  • an IP Multimedia (IM) Core Network (CN) Subsystem (IMS) 
  • a Mission Critical System (MCS) 
  • a Cell Broadcast System (CBS) and a Public Warning System (PWS)

Terms of Reference

The latest terms of reference were approved at CT#90e in document CP-203231.