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Membership of 3GPP applies to organizations (companies, government departments, educational establishments, etc) and not to individuals.

There is no direct membership to 3GPP, which is a Partnership project. The delegates come to 3GPP via their organization’s membership of one of the seven 3GPP Organizational Partners. 

Full Individual Members

Article 8 of the 3GPP Working Procedures describes what constitutes Individual Membership of 3GPP.

"Membership in an Organizational Partner is a pre-requisite for Individual Membership of 3GPP. All entities registered as members of an Organizational Partner and eligible for participation in the technical work of that Organizational Partner, can become Individual Members of 3GPP… An Individual Member has the right to participate in the work of 3GPP by attending meetings of the Technical Specification Groups and subtending groups."

To become a full “Individual Member” of 3GPP, you should approach the membership department of the Organizational Partners listed below. Any questions you may have about membership can be addressed to 3GPP Membership by email.

Organisation Partners
ARIB (Japan)
ATIS (North America)
Contact: Rich Moran, via the ATIS online form... here
CCSA (China)
ETSI (Europe)
TTA (South Korea)
TTC (Japan)
TSDSI (India)


Article 10 of the Working procedures covers 3GPP Observers and Guests.

The status of Observer may be granted by the Organizational Partners to an entity which has the qualifications to become a future Partner in the project. Observer organizations can send representatives to 3GPP meetings, but cannot take part in decision making or hold any leadership positions.

We currently have two Observers in 3GPP:

Communications Alliance- Former ACIF
United States


The 3GPP Working Procedures (Article 10) state:


"The status of Guest may be granted for a limited period, by the Organizational Partners to an entity which has the qualifications to become a future Individual Member. The limited period shall be decided by the Organizational Partners on a case-by-case basis.
A Guest may have representatives at TSG and subtending group meetings. Representatives may receive documents but shall not take part in decision making, participate in discussions, contribute documents, or hold any leadership positions."


If you wish to join 3GPP on a time-limited Guest basis, please complete the request form here: