The 5G Standard

The Work Plan


The Work Plan provides details of the co-operation between all the 3GPP TSGs and WGs on reaching common targets. These targets are "Features" that add new or enhanced functionality to the existing system.

work plan02 450 350pxFeature development is based around 3GPP Releases. The work plan is driven by the estimated freeze date of current and future Releases and the functional content of each Release. It is possible that features may span more than one Release.

These features are divided into building blocks and work tasks, which lead to the production of Technical Specifications (TS) or Reports (TR).

Specifications are then brought under change control – where a ‘Change Request’ is needed to propose any modifications to a specification for approval to the Technical Specification Groups (TSGs).

The 3GPP Technical Report 21.900 - "Technical Specification Group working methods" is a very good starting point if you wish to learn more about how the Work Plan is managed.

The official Work Item Description is maintained by the responsible TSG, and its development schedule and progress can be monitored via the 3GPP Work Plan.

Consult the Work Plan to determine the most up to date Work Item Description document, since the WID may be revised from time to time.

See Also; the Work Items page; for details of the Codes used and the Unique Identifier for each work Item.