The 5G Standard

Public Mobile Networks March-2023 – Snapshot

Apr 10,2023

The latest data from GSA contains details of the latest headline figures for operator uptake of LTE and 5G networks.

GSA report that 816 operators have commercially launched public LTE networks, with 786 offering public mobile LTE services and 432 offering public LTE fixed wireless access services.

The 5G roll out is gathering pace, the GSA report that 523 operators are:

"...investing in 5G networks in the form of tests, pilots, licence acquisitions, planned and actual deployments. Of those, 249 operators in 97 countries/territories have launched commercial 3GPP-compatible 5G services (mobile or fixed wireless access).

115 operators are identified as investing in 5G standalone for public networks (including those evaluating, testing, piloting, planning or deploying as well as those that have launched 5G standalone networks).

GSA has catalogued 40 operators as having deployed or launched 5G standalone in public networks."

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