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Firm decision on Rel-17 delay in December

September 21, 2020

A firm decision on the delay to the freeze date of 3GPP Release 17 will be made in December 2020.

During today’s TSG SA#89-e meeting the three TSG Chairs (CT, RAN and SA) confirmed that their groups will continue to study the situation, to arrive at the best common decision possible at the next Plenaries (December 7 – 11).

Although the Chairs have already agreed that the first half of 2021 meetings will be e-Meetings, by default, it is hoped that the next three months will bring clarity as to whether 3GPP can start to plan for getting back to face-to-face meetings later in the year.

Recent News

5G Standards Development

September 25, 2020 (updated)

3GPP Organizational Partner - ATIS - have delivered a valuable webinar, now available online here: "5G Standards Developments in 3GPP Release 16 and Beyond". 

An expert panel brings you up-to-speed on the current state of 5G standardization. The webinar delivers a broad overview of 3GPP's work and introduces some of the key technology elements. It is suitable for people in technical roles and technical executives who want to understand the current state of 5G standardization.

3GPP Highlights

The first Issue of the 3GPP News-letter - 3GPP HIGHLIGHTS - has gone to print and is available for review on the 3GPP site.highlights01

The News-letter is in three distinct Sections. We start with the TECHNICAL HIGHLIGHTS - with four articles that lean more towards the detailed work. Next is the PARTNER FOCUS section where five 3GPP Market Partners have contributed interesting and challenging articles about their work. Finally, we take a LOOK INSIDE. This section is intended to open the box on how the project works.

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