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Lifetime Achievement Award for RAN expert

December 11, 2019

TSG RAN#86, Sitges - Spain

At the end of the days work, in the RAN room yesterday, the 3GPP Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Wan Lei, of Huawei Technologies, in recognition of fifteen years of highly productive work within and on behalf of the project.

Wan Lei has led the Huawei standardization efforts on 4G and 5G technologies since 2008, having begun work in RAN - as principle engineer in Ericsson Research, in 2001.

She is a renowned expert in simulation methodology & radio evaluation techniques, and 3D antenna and channel modeling. Wan Lei was also active in the 3GPP self-evaluation process for our LTE-Advanced technology submission as the ITU IMT-Advanced system. More recently, she has ensured a high degree of expert engagement in the evaluation work on 3GPP NR – by her team – to help prepare our submission for the ITU IMT-2020 system – 5G.

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Wednesday Speakers Club at TSG#86

November 28, 2019

Alongside the technical discussions at the next Plenary meeting, in Sitges from December 9 to 13, a working lunch has been arranged for Wednesday, where a guest speaker has been invited to deliver a talk on IT security certification – focusing on 5G Campus Networks.

Dirk Kretzschmar, the Managing Director of TÜViT, will cover testing and certifying the security of networks, in the context of the increasing complexity of systems and from his personal experience in Germany – where factory sites have been subjected to cyber attacks.
The Speakers Club presentation will take place in the TSG RAN room at lunch on Wednesday. As the talk is taking place within the 3GPP meeting:- We cannot allow non-members or un-registered experts to attend - Apologies for that.

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