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Running in the park at RAN1#110

August 23, 2022

2022 08 R1 running routeIf you are able to join us for a run, or a brisk walk, around Jardin Compans-Ca­arelli on Tuesday, August 23 after WG RAN1 that day… please register and meet us at the start line with a variety of special guests from the Association Simon de Cyrène – A group dedicated to providing safe and rewarding shelter for people of handicap and volunteers from the community they live in.

We will share the park with them for our non competitive jog around a specially selected course, which should see everyone cross the finishing line within a generous time limit. Soon after, we will all meet nearby for the presentation of our collective donation to the Simon de Cyrène Association.

  • Please come by the RAN1#110 meeting desk to buy a T-shirt, sign up for the run or volunteer to be a marshal for the runners
  • Have a look at this flyer about Simon de CyrèneSimon de Cyrène
  • Look at our flyer for the event - with almost detail free route accuracy...here
  • Attend the social event after the fun run. . . to tell everyone how well we did. 
Recent News

3GPP Release 17 and UAV Applications

July 22, 2022

New report by 3GPP Partner - ATIS

ATIS today published its 3GPP Release 17 – Building Blocks for UAV Applications report, describing how mobile networks supporting 3GPP Release 17 specifications can enable uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) applications. It also shows how the 3GPP system can be used to enhance the safe use of UAVs for commercial and leisure applications.

Today's ATIS news release identifies how UAVs are heavily dependent on wireless communications in areas such as command & control, location-finding, collision avoidance and remote identification.

A new look for our website

July 7, 2022

During the summer, we will launch a new look 3GPP website. We are currently transferring content and testing functionality, with a view to a mid-August launch date.

The new site is designed to allow newcomers to gain easier access to the information they need. New pages and sections are provided to get new experts, and the more casual visitor, to the information that they need.

While making that step, we have also tried to not fix what isn’t broken, so we have kept all of the data rich ‘dynareport’ content and the quick links to much used resources under ‘3GPP Groups’, ‘Specifications and Technologies’ and a new ‘Delegate’s corner’.

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