The 5G Standard

Enterprise Evolution with 5G Adoption

Jan 11,2023

The latest white paper by 5G Americas 'Enterprise Evolution with 5G Adoption' covers the expansion of the 5G system into increasingly demanding environments.

Their recent news release outlines the focus of the paper on “developing deployment models, progressing RAN technologies, emerging mobility requirements, as well as security and management needs that are being required by enterprises."

The paper "...addresses the challenges of the complexity of the cellular Radio Access Network (RAN) in initial enterprise adoption. For enterprise IT departments used to the ease of Wi-Fi deployment, the 5G RAN raises considerations involving additional spectrum requirements, coverage, device-centric use cases, performance per device, enterprise-owned and operated radios, virtualization, and transport considerations.”


'Enterprise Evolution with 5G Adoption' also looks into how different industries are deploying private 5G networks.

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