The 5G Standard

Introduction to 3GPP Release 19 and 6G Planning

Mar 24,2024

BACKGROUND: In 2024, 3GPP is poised to finalize its specification efforts for Release 18, focusing on 5G Advanced systems, while making major progress in the development of Release 19. 3GPP will also prepare for the transition to 6G standardization.

In this webinar, we will provide a status update on Release 18, and a high-level summary of the timeline and planned content for 3GPP Release 19. This will include the status for the ongoing Release 19 study and work items. We will also give an introduction of the preparation for 6G in 3GPP.

THE EVENT: Get the insights into 3GPP Release 19 and 6G Planning in this ATIS webinar, April 3, from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. EDT. Attendees will hear from the 3GPP RAN and the SA Plenary Chairs.


Source: ATIS Press Release March 26, 2024 & follow-up on recording being available.