The 5G Standard

RAN1 – Radio Layer 1 (Physical Layer)


Within the 3GPP Technical Specification Group Radio Access Network (TSG RAN), RAN WG1 (RAN1) is responsible for the development of specifications dealing with volved UTRA, 5G NR, and beyond.

RAN1 is responsible for specification of the physical layer of the radio Interfaces for UE, Evolved UTRAN, NG-RAN, and beyond. The work in RAN1 includes especially:

  • Specification of physical channels and modulation
  • Specification of physical layer multiplexing, channel coding and error detection
  • Specification of physical layer procedures (both control and data)
  • Specification of definition of measurements and their provision by the physical layer to the upper layers

RAN1 also specifies handling of physical layer related UE capabilities and parameters used in device tests.

Terms of Reference

The latest terms of reference were approved at RAN#91-e in document RP-210874.