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Driving Data to the Edge

By Said Tabet, AECC - Article first published in HIGHLIGHTS Issue 01, Sept. 2020.

In July 2020, the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium (AECC) published Version 2.0 of the technical report, Driving Data to the Edge: The Challenge of Data Traffic Distribution. The report provides authoritative best practices on ways the ecosystem can enable secure, cost-effective data delivery and processing on a global scale, it also includes technology solutions around six key issues: edge data offloading, mobility service provider server selection, vehicle system reachability, access network selection, provisioning and configuration update and opportunistic data transfer.

SCF driving open 5G RAN/SCN products and networks

By Prabhakar Chitrapu, Chair of SCF - Article first published in HIGHLIGHTS Issue 01, Sept. 2020.

SCF’s comprehensive suite of 5G FAPI/nFAPI (functional API) specifications stimulates innovation and competition across the small cell ecosystem by supporting multivendor interoperability within Small Cell Products and between different products of Small Cell Networks, architected in consistence with 3GPP’s disaggregated functional-splits.

Specifically, the suite of open 5G-FAPI specifications enable multi-vendor interoperability between vendors that provide the silicon chipsets and protocol software that go into Small Cell Products. Similarly, 5G-nFAPI suite of open specifications enables interoperability between vendors of different products of the 3GPP Split-Option-6 based RAN architecture, namely the Radio Unit (named by SCF as S-RU) and Distributed Unit (named by SCF as S-DU). The 5G-FAPI specification suite has been published recently, while the 5G-nFAPI specification suite is under active development. In the latter, SCF is collaborating with other organizations such as O-RAN Alliance and OAI.

5G-MAG brings audio-visual media into focus for 3GPP

February 3, 2021

The Organizational Partners (OPs) of 3GPP have approved 5G Media Action Group (5G-MAG) as a Market Representation Partner (MRP) in the project.

5G-MAG represents major stakeholders in the production and distribution of audio-visual media content and services, driving their collaboration on the implementation of 5G solutions, aligned to 3GPP standards.

Certification of Mission Critical products

September 2020

By Chris Hogg (Global Certification Forum) and Harald Ludwig (TCCA) - Article first published in HIGHLIGHTS Issue 01, Sept. 2020.

During December 2019, in recognition of the need to accelerate the availability of certification solutions for the LTE mission critical (MC) industry, GCF and TCCA established a joint task force to set up a programme fit for future growth in the field. With applications, infrastructure, and devices provided by many different vendors - standards are essential to ensuring interoperability.

Global outlook for mobile networks and devices

August 2020

By Joe Barrett, President - Global Mobile Suppliers Association (Article first published in HIGHLIGHTS Issue 01, Sept. 2020)

Despite the slowdown in 5G subscriptions in some markets due to Covid-19, other markets have compensated with the total forecast for 5G subscriptions by end of 2020 increasing. However, in addition to faster mobile broadband, the value of 5G will be in new services, not new subscriptions, as 5G technology is deployed in additional spectrum offering greater capacity and download speeds to open up sections of industry looking to enhance productivity, streamline process controls and ultimately, reduce costs.

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