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V2X Plugtests cover 3GPP Specs

October 16, 2019

A variety of traffic scenarios will be used during the 1st C-V2X Plugtests™ (2-6 December 2019) to ensure that devices can work together and provide the functionalities specified in the 3GPP and ETSI standards.

The launch site for the event at lists these topics: Signalization of road hazards, Traffic violation monitoring and Collision warnings – as initial candidates for the tests, in both lab and field environments at the Dekra test facilities in Malaga, Spain.

The 3GPP test cases will be drawn from LTE_V2X features, described in these Rel-14 & Rel-15 specifications:

5G-ACIA, Non-Public Networks for Industrial Scenarios

September 3, 2019

5G-ACIA have published a short paper to describe the industrial (IIoT) deployment scenarios for 3GPP-defined 5G private networks, looking at how organisations can apply 5G technologies on their own premises, either as an independent 5G network or in conjunction with a public network.

ATIS Webinar – 5G Standards development

August 6, 2019

A new ATIS webinar features three distinguished experts, each contributing their perspective on the Global collaboration effort to produce 3GPP specifications for 5G.

Farrokh imageFarrokh Khatibi, presented on Services and Requirements in Release 15. He identified four areas driving 5G: The ITU IMT-2020 project, Evolution of 4G systems, New 5G features and the Support for new industries [new to 3GPP].

To meet the need, eMBB was the initial focus for Rel-15, followed up by three other areas:

  • mIoT – including high density deployments
  • Critical Communications - including industrial automation and work on the ‘tactile internet’
  • Network Operation (NEO) – brings in the requirements of new sectors - verticals

Farrokh Khatibi looked also at the new requirements met by Release 16 – which further addresses the needs of the verticals coming in to the 3GPP eco-system.

The Evolution of Security in 5G

August 1, 2019

A new 5G Americas white paper investigates progress on a variety of Cybersecurity safeguards – such as encryption, authentication, integrity protection, privacy and network availability – that have matured through recent LTE and 5G enhancements.

This paper will help the reader to understand the threats to 5G security and their impact on 3GPP standards. The paper is available for free download on the 5G Americas website.

Certification solutions for 5G devices

February 22, 2019

3GPP Market Representation Partner - The Global Certification Forum (GCF) has today taken a further step on the way to 5G device certification, with the announcement that its full set of certification test suites for 5G chipsets, modules and modems will be complete by the end of the year.

The scheme will build on the certification programmes for existing 3GPP technologies, including UMTS, HSPA and LTE varients, focusing on the certification of Protocol, Radio Resource Management (RRM), Radio Frequency (RF) and Positioning peformance.

“This is just the start", says Lars Nielsen, General Manager GCF,  more will follow as the GCF certification programme plays a big part in ensuring products interoperate correctly on 5G networks.  

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