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4G Americas white paper on 5G

October 23 2014

3GPP’s official contribution to 5G may be a long way off, but there is already a massive amount of industry effort being exerted on the identification of what it will be. The latest thinking has this week been published by 4G Americas, in their “5G: A New Frontier for Mobile Broadband Innovation” white paper.

The document increases the reader’s understanding of what 5G will be, in chapters dealing with Market Drivers and Use Cases for 5G, Requirements for 5G, Regulatory Considerations, Potential Technologies for 5G and Spectrum.

Interoperable Small Cells

ETSI has finalised a Report on the 2nd Small Cell LTE Plugfest, organised in partnership with the Small Cell Forum and held at the Orange Labs in Paris.

During ten days of testing 65 experts from a variety of organizations (26 in total) cooperated on debugging vendor solutions and used lab time to tackle potential ambiguities in the standards, which will help feedback fixes to the interface specifications (See the event Report, for “feedback on base specifications”).

Test sessions concentrated on S1, X2 and management interfaces, covering areas such as Security, Management, Voice Support via CS Fall-back Schemes, Voice and Video over LTE, Commercial Mobile Alert Systems and Self Organising Networks. One of the key areas of focus was the testing of multi-vendor mobility and SON in heterogeneous networks.

300 LTE Networks Worldwide

4G Americas has studied the introduction of LTE systems and issued new figures for it's growth and for the launch of as many as 40 LTE-Advanced Networks based on Release 12 features by the end of the year.

The following press release was issued by 4G Americas, June 16, 2014:

LTE is now commercial on 300 networks in 107 countries, adding 109 new commercial networks year-over-year since June 2013, with 350 commercial LTE networks anticipated by the end of 2014, as reported today by 4G Americas, a wireless trade association representing the 3GPP family of technologies, including LTE and LTE-Advanced. Additionally, LTE-Advanced is now commercially deployed on 9 networks in 7 countries worldwide, with those numbers expected to reach 40 networks by year-end 2014.

HD voice and VoLTE

June 2, 2014:

The GSA has reported that the VoLTE interface for delivering voice and messaging services has been commercially launched in eight all-IP LTE networks, supported by a significant increase in the availability of VoLTE capable smartphones. The mobile HD voice: Global Update report also confirms that there are now over 60 operators in VoLTE technology studies, trials, and network deployments. 


India moves closer to 3GPP

The Telecommunications Standards Development Society of India (TSDSI) has been granted Observer status in 3GPP.

Dr. Asok Chatterjee, the Executive Director of TSDSI, presented the society’s Observer application to the 3GPP Organizational Partners meeting – held in New Orleans on April 30, 2014 – informing delegates that the formation of a national telecommunications SDO in India will create a platform for direct participation in global standardization.

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