The 5G Standard

Rel-20 5G Advanced endorsed deadlines (RP-240824 March ‘24): (assuming no delay of Rel-19)

  • TSG SA Stage 1 studies by June 2025
  • TSG SA Stage 2 freeze by September 2026
  • TSG CT Stage 3 freeze in March 2027
  • The TSG RAN freeze is not yet decided. If we add 18 months to the TSG RAN Rel-19 dates, we could assume (TBD): RAN Stage 3 freeze in March 2027

TSG Rel-20 timeline & content

Release timeline Rel 20

Rel-20 content to be decided in the 1H 2025.

The Rel-20 Work Plan

As new studies and the detailed specification work begin, the Work Plan will be the place to monitor the growth of Release 20.

The latest Work Plan is always available for download at 

Some Background on Release 20