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New Report on Smart Antennas

Source 3G Americas PR, June 30 2009

3G Americas has published an educational report: MIMO Transmission Schemes for LTE and HSPA Networks.

The report is intended as a tool to increase awareness of smart antenna systems – also known as multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technology – and help guide their deployments.

Smart antenna, or MIMO, technology is commonly defined as, the use of two or more unique radio signals, in the same radio channel, where each signal carries different digital information, or two or more radio signals that use beam forming, receive combining and spatial multiplexing (SM). Relative to a traditional 1x1 antenna system, a 2x2 MIMO system is expected to deliver significant cell throughput gain.

UMTS900, A Case Study

The GSA, a Market Partner in 3GPP, has published a new UMTS900 operator case study to demonstrate significant cost and coverage benefits of deploying 3G mobile broadband services with UMTS900.

The case study examines the business drivers and practical experiences of Optus, who launched UMTS900 in May 2008. It confirms the findings from GSA’s first UMTS900 case study on Elisa in Finland, and provides additional insights.

ATIS LTE Webinar attracts over 500 participants

The ATIS/3GPP webinar “LTE - Enabling Societal and Personal Communications for a Changing World”, held on May 12, 2009, has been a great success. With numbers still growing, as people view the archived presentations and register to see the webcast on the ATIS site.

ETSI TTCN-3 User Conference Asia

ETSI has today announced a Call for Presentations and Tutorials for the TTCN-3 User Conference Asia, with submissions required by 24th July 2009.

TTCN-3 is a well established mature testing technology. During its 10 year lifespan, the realization of its flexibility and adaptability has led to its rapid deployment in the telecommunication domain plus many other domains, including transportation, internet, medical, web-based services and distributed systems.

Worlds first femtocell standard published by 3GPP

Three-way cooperation between 3GPP, Femto Forum and Broadband Forum creates new standard in record time enabling operators to deploy standards-based femtocells

The Femto Forum, 3GPP and the Broadband Forum today announced that the world’s first femtocell standard has been officially published by 3GPP, paving the way for standardised femtocells to be produced in large volumes and enabling interoperability between different vendors’ access points and femto gateways. The new standard, which forms part of 3GPP’s Release 8, and interdependent with Broadband Forum extensions to its Technical Report-069 (TR-069), has been completed in just 12 months following close cooperation between 3GPP, the Femto Forum and the Broadband Forum.

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