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3GPP Release 8 IMS Implementation Workshop

24 - 25 November 2010, Sophia Antipolis

ETSI has issued an open invitation to their Workshop to demonstrate current implementations of IMS equipment and to gather future needs for IMS testing.

The ETSI Technical Committee for IMS Network Testing plays a key role in developing a variety of test specifications for IMS core networks and this event is sure to attract experts from the Operator community as well as suppliers of equipment, test tools and various 3rd party integrators.

HSPA Reaches Over 70% Penetration

The GSA has today announced that HSPA networks are now lit up in over 70% of countries.

Alan Hadden, who is the President of GSA, said: "HSPA is by far and away the most successful mobile broadband system. Its commercial availability in 150 countries and territories is a significant milestone and has been achieved less than 5 years since the first HSPA network was launched."

The GSA Press Release continues:

"...When this figure is added to the number of networks currently in deployment or being planned, it takes the number of operators committed to HSPA network investments to 407 in 156 countries.

The Transition to 4G

3G Americas have published their latest White Paper:"Transition to 4G: 3GPP Broadband Evolution to IMT-Advanced" to explain the evolution of 3GPP technologies and how they fit into the ITU roadmap that leads to IMT-Advanced.

3GPP harvesting 73% of New Connections in the Americas

3GPP mobile broadband technology grew by 11.9 million new subscriptions, of the total (net) 16.3 million mobile subscriptions added in the second quarter 2010 throughout the Americas, reports 3G Americas, a wireless industry trade association representing the GSM family of technologies including UMTS-HSPA & LTE.

The explosion of 3GPP mobile broadband subscriptions earmarks the increasing interest of mobile users in advanced 3G technology services and applications, and the growing proliferation of smartphones, and represents 73 percent of the total (net) new connections in the mobile industry in North, Central and South America in the second quarter.

ATIS Standards helping network energy efficiency

Under the headline 'ATIS Announces Methodology for Measurement and Reporting of Wireless Base Station Standard', the North American Partner in 3GPP has announced the completion of the ATIS STEP committee work in this area.

The standard, one of a suite of Telecommunications Energy Efficiency Ratio (TEER) standards, provides a set of definitions, requirements and guidelines for calculating the appropriate radio base station (RBS) metrics for wireless access network configuration products.

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