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MTC features considered with respect to MTC server, network and MTC device functions

The premise of this discussion is that we should not consider MTC features abstractly. Rather we should consider the features we have under consideration (due to TS 22.368) and only define what we know that we need for subscription control at this point.

Some of the features have not yet received sufficient discussion in SA2 yet to really know what impact they will have on the MTC server / network / MTC Device and the extent to which additional capabilities will either be needed in these 3 'layers' or the extent to which these capabilities need to be known to the other layers.

MTC FeatureSummary / StatusMTC DeviceMTC NetworkMTC ServerConclusion
Time ControlSeveral potential solutions have been proposed. The range of possibilities are given here.The device must
(a) avoid use of the network outside of grant time intervals.
(b) the MTC Device may be informed as to the grant time intervals (or communication windows within the grant time interval) or the MTC Device may randomly choose them. In any case the device needs to know something of time control configuration, to avoid forbidden time intervals.
The network must know the grant time interval (and possibly the communication window). The network enforces these intervals, either detaching/refusing service outside of the grant time interval (or communication window), or surcharging. The network must provide some MTC Time control configuration to the MTC Device in all proposals.The MTC Server cannot perform MT communication at times that the MTC Device is outside of the grant time interval (or communication window subset of the grant time interval.)
It is beneficial for the MTC Server to know the time when MT communication can occur. Neither the network nor the MTC device need to know the MTC server's time control capability. It is assumed the MTC server is always available.
The MTC time control capability of the MTC Device does not need to be known by the network, since the network will enforce MTC time control in any case.
The network must somehow configure time control behavior in the MTC Device, so that it only operates in ways that the operator desires, avoiding signalling outside of the grant time interval.
Low Mobilitystatusdevicenw serverconclusion
MO Onlystatusdevicenw serverconclusion
Infrequent MTstatusdevicenw serverconclusion
MTC Monitoringstatusdevicenw serverconclusion
PS Onlystatusdevicenw serverconclusion
Small Data Transmissions (on-/off-line)statusdevicenw serverconclusion
PAMstatusdevicenw serverconclusion
Secure Connectionstatusdevicenw serverconclusion
Infrequent Transmissionstatusdevicenw serverconclusion
Group Based MTC Featuresstatusdevicenw serverconclusion
Location Based Triggerstatusdevicenw serverconclusion

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