The 5G Standard

5G NetX network map

Jan 01,2024

We have decided to continue providing a link to the 5G version of the NetX network map via our website.

Please have a look and let us know whether it was useful to you. Any feedback will help us to ensure that this resource is of value to the 3GPP community, whether a Member or visitor to this site.

We will have regular discussions with MPIRICAL to review the availability of the map on the 3GPP website - providing you with free of charge access to a part of their product.
The product NetX is not owned or run by 3GPP, we are supplying a link to you, to allow you to drill down to 3GPP specifications on MPIRICAL's site.

netx03 1200px

3GPP seeks no financial advantage and no financial agreement is in place. The agreement with MPIRICAL is to provide 3GPP watchers with a useful tool and to then provide the user with a link to the supplier of NetX, in case they wish to go deeper into the tool.

Let me know your thoughts on having NetX available on the 3GPP site: