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As decisions are still to be made on the Rel-17 schedule (in December 2020), the Release 18 timeline is not yet the centre of attention. During 2021 there will be detailed discussions - held during the TSG Plenary week - to decide on the priorities for the work. Meanwhile, some Rel-18 Stage 1 studies are underway:

November 11, 2020

NOTE: The following is a snap-shot of the Work Plan, please see the latest status on-line at https://portal.3gpp.org/#/55935-work-plan   or  https://www.3gpp.org/specifications/work-plan


850042 Study on evolution of IMS multimedia telephony service  FS_MMTELin5G S1 SP-190836
850043 Study on sharing administrative configuration between interconnected MCX Service systems  FS_SACI_MCS S1 SP-190837
850044 Study on Supporting of Railway Smart Station Services  FS_RAILSS S1 SP-190838
860009 Study on traffic characteristics and performance requirements for AI/ML model transfer in 5GS  FS_AMMT S1 SP-191040
860010 Guidelines for Extra-territorial 5G Systems  FS_5GET S1 SP-191042
880011 Study on 5G Glass-type AR/MR Devices  FS_5GSTAR S4 SP-200399
880033 Study of Gateway UE function for Mission Critical Communication  FS_MCGWUE S6 SP-200335
880034 Study of Interconnection and Migration Aspects for Railways  FS_IRail S6 SP-200336
880035 Study on Enhanced Access to and Support of Network Slice FS_EASNS S1 SP-200571
880036 Study on Off-Network for Rail FS_OffNetRail S1 SP-200572
880037 Study on 5G Timing Resiliency System FS_5TRS S1 SP-200573
880038 Study on 5G Smart Energy and Infrastructure FS_5GSEI S1 SP-200574
880039 Study on Ranging-based Services FS_Ranging S1 SP-200575
880040 Study on Enhancements for Residential 5G FS_Resident S1 SP-200576
880041 Study on Personal IoT Networks FS_PIN S1 SP-200592
890022 Study on vehicle-mounted relays  FS_VMR S1 SP-200798
890023 Study on 5G Networks Providing Access to Localized Services  FS_PALS S1 SP-200799


Some Background on Release 18

Details of the features and work items under each 3GPP Release are contained in the Work plan.


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