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Meeting: TP-14 - 2001-12-12 to 2001-12-14, Kyoto

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TDoc Title Source Remarks
TP‑010230 Report (draft) from TSG-T #13 (Beijing 19 - 21 September, 2001) TSG-T Secretary revised - see TP-010231
TP‑010231 <<<>> TSG-T approved
TP‑010232 Agenda (draft) for TSG-T #14 (Kyoto 12 - 14 December, 2001) TSG-T Secretary approved
TP‑010233 Report (draft) of TSG-SA #13 v0.0.6 (Beijing 24 - 27 September, 2001) TSG-SA secretary noted
TP‑010234 ETSI Collective Letter "Call for the TTCN voluntary contributions in 2002 for the MCC Task 160 in development and maintenance of ATSs/PIXIT/ for 3GPP UE R99 and Rel 4" ETSI secretariat (CL 2115) noted
TP‑010235 LS from SA1 "Focus of TR 22.941 (IP Based Multimedia Services Framework)" SA1 (S1-010322) -
TP‑010236 LS from T3 to GERAN5 cc TSG-T "Responsibility for SIM Toolkit test specification" T3 (T3-010794) noted
TP‑010237 LS from GERAN to TSG-T cc TSG-T "re: Responsibility for SIM Toolkit test specification" GERAN (GP-012668) noted
TP‑010238 LS from T2 to TSG-T "UE Functionality Split Relating to the IMS" T2 (T2-0101170) noted
TP‑010239 LS from T2 to CN1, SA4 cc: TSG-T "UMTS_AMR_2" T2 (T2-0101178) noted
TP‑010240 T3 status report to TSG-T #14 T3 chairman noted
TP‑010241 CRs on Java API (TS 03.19 / 11.13 / 43.019) for approval T3 approved
TP‑010242 CRs on secure messaging (TS 03.48/23.048) for approval T3 approved
TP‑010243 CRs on (U)SIM toolkit (TS 11.14 / 31.111) for approval T3 approved
TP‑010244 CRs on SIM/USIM characteristics (TS 51.011 / 31.102) for approval T3 approved
TP‑010245 CRs on USAT interpreter (TS 31.112 / TS 31.113) for approval T3 approved
TP‑010246 CR on AIDs (TS 31.110) for approval T3 approved
TP‑010247 CRs on USIM test specification (TS 31.122) for approval T3 approved
TP‑010248 TS 31.114 v1.0.0 "USAT Interpreter Protocol and Administration" T3 noted
TP‑010249 TS 31.131 v1.0.0 "C language binding for SIM API" T3 noted
TP‑010250 SIM Toolkit test specification update - for information T3 -
TP‑010251 Work item description on ISIM for approval T3 (T3-010731) conditionaly approved subject to TSG-SA
TP‑010252 Work Item description UE management for approval T3 (T3-010761) postponed
TP‑010253 not used not used not used
TP‑010254 T1 status report (slides) T1 chairman noted
TP‑010255 Draft report from T1#13 T1 secretary noted
TP‑010256 Task 160 ToR for approval T1 agreed -> PCG
TP‑010257 Report from Task 160 and verification database Task 160 leader approved
TP‑010258 CRs to 34.108 for approval T1 approved except CRs number 064, 066, 065 and 067
TP‑010259 CRs to 34.121 for approval T1 approved
TP‑010260 CRs to 34.122 for approval T1 approved
TP‑010261 CRs to 34.123-1 for approval T1 approved
TP‑010262 CRs to 34.123-2 for approval T1 approved
TP‑010263 Draft WI on MExE testing T1 revised see TP-010288
TP‑010264 LS from T1 to T2 cc TSG-T "re: SMS testing" T1 noted
TP‑010265 ToRs for T1 - Proposed update T1 revised see TP-010287
TP‑010266 T2 status report (slides) T2 chairman noted
TP‑010267 T2#14 Edinburgh draft meeting report T2 Secretary noted
TP‑010268 CRs on MExE for approval T2 approved
TP‑010269 CRs on Terminal Interfaces and Capabilities for approval T2 approved
TP‑010270 Report from 3GPP PCG Meeting#7, Tokyo, 8 October 2001 PCG secretary noted
TP‑010271 Report from 3GPP OP Meeting#6, Tokyo, 9 October 2001 OP secretary noted
TP‑010272 not used not used not used
TP‑010273 CR to 21.101: "Correction to list of specs" for information MCC withdrawn
TP‑010274 CR to 21.102: "Correction to list of specs" for information MCC noted
TP‑010275 CR to 01.01: "GSM Release 1999 specifications" for information MCC noted
TP‑010276 CR to 41.102: "GSM Release 4 Specifications" for information MCC noted
TP‑010277 Specs status list prior to TSGs#14 for information MCC noted
TP‑010278 3GPP Work Plan - Microsoft Project/PDF version MCC noted
TP‑010279 3GPP Work Plan - Presentation on status MCC presented
TP‑010280 CRs on Messaging Change Requests for approval T2 approved
TP‑010281 WID (Revised) for / MExE Security Analysis Activity for approval T2 approved
TP‑010282 LS from SA4 to T2 cc TSG-T "re: Introduction Of UMTS_AMR_2 into R99 UE’s" SA4 (S4-010693) note
TP‑010283 Rel-5 draft TR 32.802 v100 in co-operation with T2 on "User Equipment Management (UEM) feasibility study SA5 noted
TP‑010284 Draft Summary of 3GPP Future Evolution Workshop October 2001 Workshop presented
TP‑010285 CRs 064, 065,066, 067 to TS 34.108 T1 approved
TP‑010286 IMS clients in UE split Nortel Networks noted
TP‑010287 ToRs for T1 TSG-T approved
TP‑010288 Discussion document on application testing Siemens noted
TP‑010289 LS from TSG-RAN regarding RABS in TS 34.108 TSG-RAN (RP‑010921) discussed
TP‑010290 Report on IETF matters IETF rapporteur noted
TP‑010291 CR 34.108-080 R99: Correction on introduction of section 6.10 TSG-T approved
TP‑010292 CR 34.108-081 Rel-4: Correction on introduction of section 6.10 TSG-T approved
TP‑010293 LS from RAN updating procedure of RAB definitions in TS 34.108 TSG-RAN (RP‑010931) discussed
TP‑010294 LS from SA2 cc TSG-T: IMS identifiers and ISIM and USIM SA2 (S2-013599) discussed
TP‑010295 Smooth introduction of Release 99 Alcatel, Ericsson, Lucent, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel Networks, T-Mobil, Qualcomm discussed
TP‑010296 LS from TSG-T to WAP Forum on MMS TSG-T approved
TP‑010297 Guidelines on holding joint ad hoc Meetings Anritsu discussed
TP‑010298 Presentation on the IP framework report SA1 vice-chair -
TP‑010299 LS to SA1 on USIM support in Rel-5 GSM only terminals TSG-T approved

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