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Legal matters

Legal Status

The Partnership Project is not a legal entity but is a collaborative activity between the following recognized Standards Development Organizations (SDO):

The Partnership Project is entitled the "THIRD GENERATION PARTNERSHIP PROJECT" and may be known by the acronym "3GPP".

Logo Usage

See the ’logo Use’ section of this site, for details of the terms of use of the name 3GPP, LTE and associated logos.

Copyright authorization

The copyright on all 3GPP Technical Reports and Technical Specifications vests jointly with the 3GPP Organizational Partners.

Interested in using 3GPP specifications or other material in your company training or for conference presentations, educational journal articles, text books, etc?

If so please fill in this Word document and return it to the address shown on the form.

For further information please contact the ETSI Legal Service.

The list of all permissions granted can be found here.

IPR declarations

The Project Coordination Group (PCG) is responsible for maintaining a register of IPR declarations relevant to 3GPP, received by the Organizational Partners.

Individual Members should declare, to their Organizational Partners, any IPRs which they believe to be essential, or potentially essential, to any work being conducted within 3GPP.

During each 3GPP meeting (TSGs and WGs) a call for IPRs must be made by the Chairman using standard wording.

For further information contact the PCG Secretary.

List of IPR declarations sorted by Organizational Partners:

Antitrust and competition law

During each 3GPP meeting (PCG, TSGs and WGs) a statement relating to antitrust and competition laws must be made by the Chairman using standard wording.


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