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Location and positioning

Aug 08,2022

The 3GPP summary of Rel-17 Work Items (TR 21.917) contains a whole section on 5G services for the verticals.

Positioning Enhancements:

3GPP Rel-16 specified various location technologies to support regulatory as well as commercial use cases. TS 22.261 includes the positioning requirements for high accuracy, high availability and low latency. TSG RAN Rel-17 target positioning requirements include horizontal/vertical positioning accuracy, physical layer and higher layer end-to-end positioning latency and GNSS positioning integrity (TR38.857).

5GC Location Services

During Rel-16, Working Group SA2 studied enhancements to 5GC location services and the agreed conclusions have been specified in TS23.273 “5G System Location Services (LCS)”.

Some key issues and corresponding solutions were not concluded in Rel-16’s scope and some other aspects (e.g. EPC-5GC interworking for LCS) had not yet been studied.

The objective of Release 17 work is to further enhance the 5GC LCS architecture and corresponding Network Functions and procedures to meet the full set of requirements defined in SA1 (see TS22.261 and TS22.071).

3GPP Work Plan:

See a listing of all work & study items here:

Working Groups:

SA2, CT1, CT3, CT4, RAN1, RAN4

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Location and positioning in Release 17:

UID Name Acronym WG
910052 Enhancement to the 5GC LoCation Services-Phase 2 5G_eLCS_ph2  
870001    Stage 2 of 5G_eLCS_ph2 5G_eLCS_ph2 SA2
910006    CT aspects of 5G_eLCS_ph2 5G_eLCS_ph2 CT
910053       CT1 aspects of 5G_eLCS_ph2 >5G_eLCS_ph2 CT1
910054       CT3 aspects of 5G_eLCS_ph2 5G_eLCS_ph2 CT3
910055       CT4 aspects of 5G_eLCS_ph2 5G_eLCS_ph2 CT4


RAN aspects of NR positioning enhancements NR_pos_enh  
860034    Study on NR positioning enhancements FS_NR_pos_enh RAN1
900160    Core part: NR positioning enhancements NR_pos_enh-Core RAN1
900260    Perf. part: NR positioning enhancements NR_pos_enh-Perf RAN4


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Updated 30/5/2022