The 5G Standard

India DoT-TSDSI Rel-19 Workshops

Jan 11,2023

In January 2023 TSDSI and the India Department of Telecommunications (DoT) organised a series of workshops on ‘Advancing 5G towards 6G’ with the purpose of disseminating information about 3GPP technology areas and timelines related to future releases.

Aimed at mobilizing the Indian Ecosystem to contribute to Release 19. Each workshop was held online, walking through select 3GPP study items, to provide timelines and describe how to contribute.

Workshop 1: 3GPP Studies related to ‘Mobile Network Services’

Samar Shailendra, Co-Chair TSDSI Roadmap Committee, introduced the first micro-workshop, informing participants that the series will provide a good dive into a variety of technology study items, with workshop 1 aiming to bring them closer to the community that define mobile network services.

See the presentations (video and PDFs): 

  • Energy Efficiency as a service criteria
  • Satellite access-Phase 3
  • Roaming value-added services
  • Network Sharing Aspects

Workshop 2: Studies related to ‘Technology and Systems'

Dindayal Tosniwal, Co-Chair TSDSI Roadmap Committee (DoT, Govt of India) shared his view that these joint workshops were able to raise awareness about standards, acting as encouragement for newcomers to join the work and to further improve India's role in 3GPP.

See the presentations (video and PDFs):

  • 3GPP Overview and Release 19 timeline
  • 3GPP Study on Network of Service Robots with Ambient Intelligencembient Intelligence
  • Study on Upper layer traffic steering, switching and split over dual 3GPP access
  • Study on AI/ML Model Transfer Phase2
  • Study on Integrated Sensing and Communication

Workshop 3: Studies related to ‘Vertical Applications and Services’

In this workshop Y.G.S.C Kishore Babu, DoT, Govt of India explained the DoT view that these workshops are an important engagement for those presenting and participating.

He explained how all of the ministries of the India government are engaging with 5G, providing use cases for mobile applications in diverse areas, such as health, education, mining, future factories, water & utilities. At the government level, as many as 21 departments are actively engaged in providing use cases for 5G.

Y.G.S.C Kishore Babu called on industry to fully participate in the TSDSI Roadmap Committee as Release 19 takes shape. Identifying the platform as a way to start getting into the 3GPP standard.

See the presentations (video and PDFs) :

  • 3GPP Overview and Rel-19 timelines
  • Study on UAVs Phase 3
  • Study on Ambient Power Enabled Internet of Things
  • Study on FRMCS Phase 5
  • Study on Railway Smart Station Services
  • Study on Localized Mobile Metaverse services

Notes to editors:

TSDSI members have been participating in 3GPP meetings and contributing to development of specifications for 5G and beyond.

TSDSI is now steering technical activities in the areas of Beyond 5G and application verticals. Dissemination of information on the 3GPP Release 19 technical work will help facilitate channelizing pre-standards research and harmonizing standards development activities in India.

TSDSI is India's telecom standards development organization (SDO) and an organizational partner (OP) in 3GPP.