The 5G Standard

3GPP Officials per TSG/WG

3GPP Officials for group: 3GPP RAN 5 ("R5")

The "elected" date is the date of the most recent election; the official may have served one or more previous terms of office. In the case of the Secretary, it is the date of appointment to this TSG or WG.

Position Name Organization 3GPP OP Fixed phone Mobile phone (re-)elected / appointed Remarks
Chair JOHN, Jacob Motorola Mobility UK Ltd. ETSI +61 419 147 260 2023-08-25 re-elected at R5#100 (5th term)
Vice Chair GOWDA, Pradeep Qualcomm Incorporated ATIS 2023-11-13 re-elected at R5#101 (6th term)
Vice Chair CHEN, Xiaozhong CATT CCSA +8613911652018 2023-08-25 re-elected at R5#100 (5th term)
Secretary SIGOVICH, Ingbert 3GPP Support +33 4 92 94 43 24 +33 674 408 375 2008-04-29

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