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The whole 3GPP web site is full of technology, the idea of having a ‘Technology’ part of the site is to provide some pointers on the features that are built in to the 3GPP specifications.


At the bottom (Right hand side) of each page on the 3GPP web site, there is a list of some keywords and acronyms, where an article has been written to provide some background material on the topic. There is also a Keywords page that contains further links to pages about specific technologies.

3GPP Series

Some technologies can be [at least partially] aligned with a 3GPP series  (See the full list of spec. series at: https://www.3gpp.org/specifications/specification-numbering )

CODECs - Speech, audio, video, and multimedia  26 series
Data - around 10 specs from the CT Group - largely on 3GPP interworking with external data networks

27 series

EDGE 44 series and 45 series
E-UTRAN 36 series
GERAN 4x series’
GPRS See 44 series and 45 series
GSM History ETSI has a good page on the history of GSM
Home NodeB (incl. Femtocell)
OAM&P and Charging 32 series
Radio aspects
Requirements 21 series
Security aspects 33 series
Security algorithms 35 series, 55 series (GERAN specific)
Service aspects 22 series
Network signalling protocols (24 & 29 series) 24 series, 29 series
SIM, USIM 31 series
Technical realization ("stage 2") 23 series
UE and (U)SIM test specifications 34 series

Technical terms

The 3GPP Report ‘Vocabulary for 3GPP Specifications’ identifies specialist technical terms used within the 3GPP;

  • To ensure that editors use terminology that is consistent across specifications.
  • To provide a reader with convenient reference for technical terms that are used across multiple documents.



2021-08-11 Changed series links from Dynareport to 3GU.

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