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atis iot slices

New ATIS Report Helps to Better Understand the IoT From a Network Perspective

"Network slices are categorized into different types according to the abstraction of characteristics of the services they facilitate. 3GPP has defined four network slice types:


These slice types are based on the typical characteristics required for use cases and verticals to provide a way for estab-lishing global interoperability for slicing (See TS 23.501)...This paper investigates whether any additional network slice types are required."


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RAN Rel-16 progress and Rel-17 potential work areas

July 18, 2019

In a recent 3GPP webinar, Balazs Bertenyi – the TSG RAN Chair - discussed the current and future priorities for the radio groups.

Although the webinar is intended for people with some knowledge of how 3GPP functions and of the various working group’s working methods, we do hope that it could also be of interest to non-3GPP experts and other enthusiasts too.

verticals in 3gpp Erik

Verticals in 3GPP

This presentation, by Erik Guttman, former SA Chairman, promotes the involvement of new sectors in 3GPP, demonstrating the best way to bring proposals in for early Release studies.

In his presentation, Erik emphasised the benefits of doing the basics right:

- Partner with 3GPP companies
- Attend meetings (to follow through with the standard)
- Understand how maintenance, development and ‘study/motivation’ phases all overlap
- Come to Quarterly TSGs and observe how 3GPP decides its focus for the next release


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3GPP 5G – Briefing for Evaluation Groups (19 presentations)
October 27, 2018

All of the presentations from the key experts in 3GPP, presenting our 5G technologies to the official Independent Evaluation Groups (IEGs), who’s job it will be to report to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) on whether the 3GPP system for 5G meets the performance requirements (in ITU-R M.2412) for an IMT-2020 technology. 

 5ga whitepapers  5G Americas have a wide selection of new papers available on

Significant Sources of Presentations and White Papers:

atis 5g

ATIS white papers

ATIS Papers include:

  • 5G Reimagined: A North American Perspective (Issue 2)
  • An Analysis of the SPDY Protocol and the SPDY Proxy
  • ATIS—A Critical Force in Shaping 5G to Meet Service Providers’ Market Needs
  • ATIS Technical Report on a Framework for Display of Verified Caller ID
  • Best Practices for Obtaining Mobile Device Identifiers for Mobile Device Theft Prevention (MDTP)
  • Big Data Analytics Focus Group: BDA Data Value Chain Reference Model & Use Cases
  • Calling Party Spoofing Mechanisms and Mitigation Techniques
  • Cloud Services Impacts on Lawful Interception Study
  • Cybersecurity Architectural Risk Analysis Process

ETSI Logo Web

Recent White Papers from ETSI, available from

  • Developing Software for Multi-Access Edge Computing 
  • NGSI-LD API: for Context Information Management
  • mmWave Semiconductor Industry Technologies: Status and Evolution
  • Implementation Security of Quantum Cryptography
  • MEC in 5G networks
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution and the Municipal CEO - ETSI City Digital Profile
  • MEC Deployments in 4G and Evolution Towards 5G
  • Cloud RAN and MEC: A Perfect Pairing
  • Microwave and Millimetre wave for 5G Transport
  • Improved operator experience through Experiential Networked Intelligence (ENI)


5g IA logo

5G-PPP  and 5G-IA

Recent news is on-line at 

Papers and Views from the 5G-PPP, include:

  • 5G-PPP 5G Architecture (3.0)
  • 5G-PPP Test, Measurement and KPIs Validation
  • 5G-PPP Automotive White Paper
  • 5G-PPP Software Network White Paper
  • 5G PPP Automotive White Paper
  • 5G PPP 5G Architecture White Paper
  • 5G PPP Security Landscape
  • 5G-PPP Cognitive Network Management for 5G
  • 5G-PPP Vision on Software Networks
  • 5G PPP 5G Architecture
  • 5G-PPP Stakeholders Survey
  • 5G-PPP use cases and performance evaluation modeling
  • 5G-PPP Pre-standards-WG Issues Paper


5G Americas logo

5G Americas regularly publishes White Papers, giving detailed information on the state of play for 3GPP systems uptake in the Americas.

On-line at

Recent titles:

  • 5G Spectrum Vision
  • The Evolution of Security in 5G
  • Wireless Technology Evolution: Transition from 4G to 5G
  • Analysis of ITU Spectrum Recommendations in Latin America
  • Small Cell Siting Challenges and Recommendations
  • Mobile signal jammers in Latin America 2018
  • LTE to 5G: The Global Impact of Wireless Innovation
  • Public Warning Systems in the Americas

GSMA small

The GSMA Intelligence unit maintains an extensive database of mobile operator statistics, forecasts and industry reports...

See also these GSMA "Industry Programmes":

ngmn logo-48bd1

The NGMN Alliance keeps its technical papers here: 

Titles include: 

  • Continuous Delivery in Telecommunication Network Environments (October 2019)
  • 5G End-to-End Architecture Framework v3.0.8 (September 2019)
  • Joint NGMN/WBA RAN Convergence Paper (September 2019)
  • NGMN reaches 5G Milestone with Recommendation of Common Cluster Connector (August 2019)
  • Definition of the Testing Framework for the NGMN 5G Pre-Commercial Networks Trials (August 2019)

scf logo

Recent reports available at  

GSA logoverysmallest3

The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) has a variety of databases and reports available at, including:

  • GSA ITU Article: Global opportunities for 5G
  • Global Spectrum for 5G – Licensing Worldwide – July 2019 Update
  • LTE & 5G Market Statistics. Update for July 2019
  • New 5G Devices Update – 64 Devices Identified – May Update
  • Spectrum for 5G Networks v2: May 2019 – global update
  • 5G Security: Why Collaboration Is Critical – Video Interview
  • 5G Spectrum Awards: Views on 3400-3800 MHz in Europe
  • 5G Automation Driving Mobile Network – Key Scenarios


PSCE White Papers are short reports about the public safety communication domain.

See for papers on next generation emergancy communications. 

TCCA logo 350px

Latest TCCA endorsed White Papers are at , Including:

  • Security considerations for interconnection of TETRA and Mission Critical broadband systems
  • Emerging Wireless Bearers for Mission Critical Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • See also: TCCA Pocket Guide to Critical Communications



The ESOA has several Papers on 5G, here:


  • Satellites and IoT
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Satellites & the Connected Car
  • ESOA Satellite Action Plan for 5G Standards
  • ECC Report 280: Satellite Solutions for 5G
  • 5G Ecosystem white paper
  • Satellite and 5G



IMT-2020 PG

The Chinese IMT-2020(5G) Promotion Group's White Paper on "5G Vision and Requirements"

May 2014

Contact for this article: Kevin FLYNN, Marketing and Communications Officer, 3GPP
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