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Release 17

More 5G system enhancements are set to follow in Release 17, scheduled for delivery in 2021.

July 3, 2020 Update:

Discussions at TSG#88-e Plenaries identified that the Rel-17 dates are at a high risk of being delayed. This is due to the switch from physical meetings to e-meetings. In SP-200606, the Work Plan manager noted that both SA2 for Stage 2 work (SP-200536) and TSG RAN (RP-201257) had warned that Rel-17 dates will have to be shifted. This will be further discussed in Sept 2020, during TSG#89-e.

At TSG#87e (March, 2020) the following Rel-17 timeline was agreed:

  • Rel-17 Stage 3 freeze September 2021
  • Rel-17 ASN.1 and OpenAPI specification freeze: December 2021 

graphic version3 SP 200222

December 2019 Update:

At the December Plenaries, TSG RAN#86 meeting had outlined its ambitious schedule in the 'Release 17 package for RAN' presentation, which contains slides on the time to be spent (Time Units) on RAN features for Rel-17. In the light of the latest decision - In March - Here are the 3GPP RAN milestones as a consequence of the cancellation of WG and TSG face-to-face meetings:

tsg87e timeline slip

 The following areas have been prioritized, at the December 2019 TSG meetings, for inclusion in the release: 

rel 17 overviewonly

Some Background on Release 17

Details of the features and work items under each 3GPP Release are contained in the Work plan.


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