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ETSI Webinar - CAPIF from Standards to Practice

Apr 24,2024

The 'CAPIF from Standards to Practice: Synergy between 3GPP, ETSI MEC and OpenCAPIF' webinar is free to attend: Apr 30 2024, 15:00 CEST.

This ETSI webinar will provide a guide to the MEC Service API application enablement and its interworking with the Common API Framework (CAPIF) defined in 3GPP.

The speakers, as key experts in the area, will present the latest achievements and alignments in standardization in ETSI. There will also be a presentation from 3GPP expert Abdessamad El Moatamid, covering an overview of the Common API Framework (CAPIF) defined for 3GPP Northbound and Application Layer APIs. He will discuss Rel-18 (and planned Rel-19) enhancements to foster its reuse in the industry (e.g., by other SDOs and forums such as ETSI ISG MEC, etc.).