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Workshop on 3GPP submission towards IMT-2020

Brussels, October 24/25, 2018

3GPP will hold a Workshop aimed at informing the ITU sanctioned Evaluation Groups, policy makers and interested experts on the progress of the 3GPP work to meet and exceed the performance requirements for IMT-2020 radio interface technologies. The Workshop will be hosted by The European Commission, in Brussels.

This event is in addition to the evaluation material being sent to the ITU, using the IMT-2020 ‘submission templates’ detailing the service, spectrum and technical performance results achieved by 3GPP Radio Interface Technologies (RITs) or Set of Radio Interface Technologies (SRITs).

The presentations at the Workshop will cover the detail of these formal submissions, breaking down their key elements to help the evaluation groups study the technical merits of the 3GPP proposal (encompassing NR and LTE) and its ability to meet the IMT-2020 objectives.

Balazs Bertenyi, Chairman of 3GPP RAN, has described this Workshop on IMT2020 evaluation as a vital step in the evaluation process. He said: “3GPP has been working extremely hard to bring 5G NR standards to the industry in an accelerated manner, in Release 15. 3GPP has now approved the work program for Release 16 - containing a host of new and enhanced functionalities for 5G NR. The target completion for Release 16 is December 2019. The 3GPP submission to IMT2020 will contain both Release 15 and Release 16 functionality.”

Live video stream from the event

Live (non-interactive) streaming of the workshop will be provided by the host, available via the following links:

The Workshop presentations can be downloaded from:
http://www.3gpp.org/ftp/workshop/2018-10-24_25_WS_on_3GPP_subm_tw_IMT2020/Docs/ as soon as they are available.

Meeting venue:

Albert Borschette Congress Center (CCAB),
Rue Froissart 36,
1040 Brussels, Belgium 

The workshop will start on October 24 at 13:15 CEST and it will end on October 25 at 17:00 CEST.


The workshop is free to attend, but the number of places available are limited.

The invitation for the workshop explains how to register for it.


Draft agenda – Full Details to follow, latest version: Sept.3. 

1. Opening of the meeting: Including an explanation of 3GPP IMT-2020 submission

2. Specific technical features of the 3GPP proposal for IMT-2020 

  • RAN aspects 
  • System and Core network aspects
  • NR physical layer design
  • Physical layer structure, numerology and frame structure
  • NR spectrum utilization mechanism
  • NR architecture
  • NR protocol
  • NR radio frequency and co-existence
  • NB-IoT, eMTC
  • LTE evolution 

3. IMT-2020 submission templates 

  • Description characteristics and compliance template
  • Link budget template 

4. 3GPP Self-Evaluation results (including simulation assumptions and calibration) 

  • Calibration method and results
  • eMBB evaluation results
  • URLLC and mMTC evaluation results 

5. Looking forward to the final IMT-2020 submission: Rel-16 outlook 

  • RAN aspects
  • System and Core network aspects 

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