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3GPP Work Items associated with Specification

3GPP Spec = 26.346 : Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS); Protocols and codecs

This page lists the 3GPP Work Items which are or might in future be associated with or have an effect upon the above Technical Specification or Technical Report. Click on the WI unique ID number to go to its entry on the Gantt chart page.

Unique ID Code Title Release
700032 EnTV Enhancement for TV service Rel-14
720015 AE_enTV System Architecture Enhancements to eMBMS for TV Video Service Rel-14
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
870099 Rel-19
940008 5MBP3 5G Multicast-Broadcast Protocols Rel-17
850051 MC_XMB MCData File Distribution support over xMB Rel-16
800003 HLG_HDR Addition of HLG HDR to TV Video Profiles Rel-16
770020 SerInter Service Interactivity Rel-16
790019 CAPIF4xMB Usage of CAPIF for xMB API Rel-16
860011 DAHOE Support of Hybrid DASH/HLS over eMBMS Rel-16
770023 HDR Addition of HDR to TV Video Profiles Rel-15
770025 VRStream Virtual Reality Profiles for Streaming Media Rel-15
790020 FRASE FEC and ROHC Activation for GCSE over MBMS Rel-15
770049 CAPIF Common API Framework for 3GPP Northbound APIs Rel-15
740011 SAND Server and Network Assisted DASH for 3GPP Multimedia Services Rel-15
770021 SAND4M SAND for MBMS Rel-15
680004 - Stage 1 of Evolution to and Interworking with eCall in IMS Rel-14
730052 AE_enTV-MI_MTV Mobile Network Interface for MBMS Delivery of Media and TV services Rel-14
740060 AE_enTV-S4 Codec aspects for eMBMS Delivery of Media and TV Services Rel-14
700054 TRAPI MBMS Transport Protocol and APIs Rel-14
710011 IQoE Improved Streaming QoE Reporting in 3GPP Rel-14
620064 MCPTT Mission Critical Push To Talk over LTE (MCPTT) Rel-13
670023 - MCPTT Codecs and media handling Rel-13
670024 MEPRO MBMS Extensions and Profiling Rel-13
670091 - Specification of MBMS Extensions and Profiling Rel-13
650026 TVProf TV video profile Rel-13
650226 TVProf-SA4 Specification on TV video profile Rel-13
650029 HTML5 HTML5 Presentation Layer Rel-13
650031 eDASH Enhanced DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP in 3GPP) Rel-13
699999 DUMMY Awaiting formal work item Rel-13
560040 CVO Coordination of Video Orientation Rel-12
560140 CVO-SA4 SA4 part of Coordination of Video Orientation Rel-12
570033 HEVC High Efficiency Video Coding Rel-12
570233 HEVC-SA4 High Efficiency Video Coding in 3GPP services PSS, MBMS, DASH, MMS, MTSI, IMS Messaging and Presence Rel-12
631002 HEVC-SA4IETF (IETF) High Efficiency Video Coding Rel-12
590043 MI MBMS Improvements Rel-12
590143 MI-EMO Enhanced MBMS Operation Rel-12
590243 MI-MooD MBMS operation on Demand Rel-12
530048 EMM Enhancements to Multimedia: PSS, MMS, and MBMS Enhancements and Performance Improvements Rel-11
530148 EMM-EFEC Enhancement to FEC for MBMS Rel-11
530248 EMM-DDE Download Delivery Enhancements for MBMS Rel-11
560041 M3DV Mobile 3D Video Coding Rel-11
470034 HTTP_SDS HTTP-based Streaming and Download Services Rel-10
470134 - HTTP-based Streaming and Download Services in 3GPP Rel-10
480040 MBS_Enh PSS and MBMS enhancements Rel-10
420027 TG Timed Graphics Rel-9
440046 PMA PSS and MBMS Aspects Rel-9
430038 PMA-MBS_Ext PSS and MBMS extensions Rel-9
430039 PMA-IVS Improved Video Support for PSS and MBMS Rel-9
34046 IMS_PSS_MBMS_US IMS initiated and controlled PSS and MBMS User Service Rel-8
34146 - SA4, SA3 part of IMS initiated and controlled PSS and MBMS User Service Rel-8
34043 PSS_MBMS_OMTV Extending PSS and MBMS User Services for optimized Mobile TV Rel-8
34038 MBMSUSE MBMS User Service Extensions Rel-7
34030 VICPer Video Codec Performance Requirements Rel-7
34032 DIMS Dynamic and Interactive Multimedia Scenes Rel-7
31050 BMSU Study on Behaviour of Multi system UEs Rel-7
2544 MBMS Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service Rel-6
33008 - Security aspects of MBMS Rel-6
34026 MBMS-TSMBMS Definition of MBMS user services, media codecs, formats and transport/application protocols using MBMS Rel-6
1273 IMS Provisioning of IP-based multimedia services Rel-5

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