The 5G Standard

3GPP Excellence Award


The 3GPP Excellence Award recognises an individuals’ contribution to a 3GPP Working Group during the year.

Nominations are submitted by the WG Chair – for consideration at the December TSG Plenary meetings. As soon as the 3GPP TSG leadership have deliberated and decided on a maximum of four awards for the year; the traditional totems are manufactured and sent to the Working Group Chair, for their presentation during the next WG meeting.

This page is a permanent tribute to the individuals who have received the Award.

The Award Roll of Honour

Year Recipient Working Group Chairs’ Citation

2022 Richard Bradbury SA WG4 - Multimedia Codecs, Systems and Services

“Congratulations Richard and thanks for your key contribution to the 5G Media streaming and especially the AF Event Exposure specification work, completed in Rel-17 in 2022."

Achievements in 2022 include:

  • Editor of Rel-17 EVEX (5GMS AF Event Exposure) TS 26.531 Data Collection and Reporting; General Description and Architecture. Major contributions. Coordination and joint specification development work with other 3GPP Working Groups (SA2 (Stage 2) and CT3 (Stage 3)) in support of the rapporteur.
  • Numerous improvements and corrections applied to 5G Media Streaming Stage 2 TS 26.501 and stage 3 TS 26.512 in Rel-16
  • Many contributions to Rel-17 5MBUSA (5G Multicast-Broadcast User Service Architecture and related 5GMS Extensions), FS_5GMS_Multicast (Feasibility Study on Multicast Architecture Enhancements for 5GMSA), FS_EMSA (Feasibility Study on Streaming Architecture extensions For Edge processing), 8K_VR_5G (Operation Points for 8K VR 360 Video over 5G), 5MBP3 (5G Multicast-Broadcast Protocols) and FS_NPN4AVProd (Feasibility Study on Media Production over 5G NPN)
  • Initiated and convenes technical coordination with 5G-MAG Reference Tools open-source project activities on 5G Media Streaming.

Frédéric Gabin, Chair of SA Working Group 4

Award Format

The following format and procedure was created after a consultation with officials during TSG SA#54.

“The 3GPP Excellence Award” will be presented at the next Working Group meeting, following the December TSG SA Plenary. Details of the Award will be added to a permanent Roll-of-honour.

Awards Panel

The Awards Panel consists of the three TSG Chairmen. The panel will consider the proposed candidates for an Award, in private and without the need for a Minuted discussion. They will make their decision by seeking consensus between them, under the Chairmanship of the TSG SA Chair.

Award Procedure

To maintain the integrity of the process and to avoid personal disappointment, the 3GPP Excellence Award procedure should be a secret process. The following procedure should be carried out without the knowledge of the nominated person, or any other person not directly involved in the process.

  1. Individuals, not groups, must be nominated by a sitting Working Group Chair. A maximum of ONE candidate per calendar year may be nominated by each Working Group.
  2. Nomination form must be received prior to (and not during) the TSG SA December plenary (NB: For the 2023 Awards, the deadline is Friday, December 1, 2023).
  3. The nomination must relate to the current year’s work in 3GPP Working Group.
  4. The Form “The 3GPP Excellence Award Nomination” must be completed and submitted to the 3GPP Marketing and Communications Officer – who is responsible for the Award process.
  5. The Awards panel will consider every nomination, at the December TSG SA Plenary meeting and will inform the appropriate Working Group Chair of their decision (or instruct the Marcom Officer to do so).
  6. The decision of the Award Panel is final.
  7. The Panel may only award a maximum of FOUR “3GPP Excellence Awards” per Calendar year.
  8. If the nomination is not accepted, the individual may be nominated again in the future – taking into consideration 3. above.
  9. Once the positive decision is made, the TSG Chairs will instruct the Marketing and Communications Officer to issue an award pack to the Secretary/Technical Officer. The pack is then given to the Working Group Chair to allow the Award to be distributed at the next Working Group meeting.

 [end of awards process]