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MCC Task Forces (TFs) are teams of highly skilled experts, brought together to perform specific technical work under the direction of the Partnership.

Similar to STFs, ETSI hosts TFs on behalf of the Partners, at present there is one active 3GPP MCC Task Force - MCC TF160.

MCC TF160 - 3GPP TTCN Test Suites for UE conformance testing

Terms of Reference

Latest TF160 Terms of Reference is RP-202149, approved at TSG RAN#90-e, December 7 - 11, 2020


TF160 was setup in June 2000 and is under the responsibility of 3GPP TSG RAN WG 5 (RAN5). TF160 is responsible for the development, maintenance and delivery of 3GPP TTCN Test Suites. Those Test Suites contain a formal and standardized reference implementation of the signalling protocol conformance test cases specified by RAN5. TTCN is an advanced language designed for testing, standardized at ETSI. 

TF160 is the 3GPP TTCN expertise pool for TSG RAN, as well as for TSG CT and TSG SA for some features (e.g. NAS, IMS, MCX). TF160 consists of protocol / TTCN experts coming from various companies of the 3GPP partners.

The technologies & features covered by the 3GPP TTCN Test Suites include UMTS (UTRA, NAS), LTE (E-UTRA, EPC), IoT (LTE-M, NB-IoT), 5G (EN-DC, NR/5GC), Positioning, IMS, MCX.

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TF160 experts

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Name Supporting Company
Olivier Genoud  - TF160 Leader ETSI
Virginie Bardaux Anritsu
Marija Buis Adare
Parikshit Bhise Rohde&Schwarz
Olaf Bergengruen Adare
Xiaozhong Chen TDIA (CATT)
Yufei Wang TDIA
Xin Jiang TDIA (CATR)
Ting Gao TDIA (StarPoint)
Carlos Arroyo Narvaez Adare
Mohammed Abdul Rasheed Motorola Mobility
Lidia Salmeron Qualcomm
Hellen Saunders Keysight
Wolfgang Seka Anritsu Ltd.
Sheila Vazquez Rohde&Schwarz
Thomas Wacker Adare
Xi Wang TDIA
Erich Weber Rohde&Schwarz
Waltraud Bestelmeyer NIST
Yang Liu TDIA (HiSilicon)
Francisca Rodriguez Rohde&Schwarz
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