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3GPP Excellence Award

award imageThe 3GPP Excellence Award recognises an individuals’ contribution to a 3GPP Working Group during the year. For the year ending 31st December 2018, four new awards were approved by the 3GPP leadership and distributed by the Working Group Chairmen, during the first WG meetings of 2019. 

This page is a permanent tribute to the individuals who have received the Award. 

The Award Roll of Honour 

YearRecipientWorking GroupChairmans’ Citation
2019 Hiromasa Umeda RAN4 - Radio Performance, Protocol aspects

“Your solid knowledge, technical expertise, fair and efficient meeting chairing are well recognized and appreciated. RAN4 has benefited from your contributions on basket WIs approach as well as simplification of specifications. Personally, it is also my honour to work with you over the past 4 years as a RAN4 official.”

Xutao Zhou, Chair of 3GPP RAN Working Group 4

2018 Nevenka Biondic CT3 - Interworking with external networks

“Nevenka Biondic is one of the persons we all like to have close to us. She is dedicated to her own work, but she always finds time to check others’ proposals with the main goal to increase the quality of the 3GPP work. Cooperation and quality are two words that identify her quite well”

Susana Fernández, Chair 3GPP CT Working Group 3

 2018   Kazuaki Takeda  RAN1 - Radio layer 1

“Thank you for the great work as Rapporteur on the NR first release, a major milestone successfully completed - including the late drop - by RAN1 in 2018. It is highly appreciated that you chaired the NR Rel-15 UE feature discussion, where you demonstrated solid knowledge, fairness and patience. A huge thank you also goes to you for your chairing for LTE Rel-15 eMTC and NB-IoT, resulting in their on-time delivery. Last, but not least, you are a great person to work with!”

Wanshi Chen, Chair 3GPP RAN Working Group 1

 2018  Gilles Téniou  SA4 - Codec

 “On behalf of the whole group, I wish to thank you Gilles for chairing both the video and audio debates regarding the Virtual Reality Profiles for Streaming Media Work Item (VRstream) and for having built a consensus proposal for the finalization of TS 26.118 - 3GPP Virtual reality profiles for streaming applications.”

Frédéric Gabin, Chair 3GPP SA Working Group 4

 2018  Basavaraj Pattan  SA6 - Mission-critical applications

 “I would like to personally thank you for your great commitment to the work in SA6 during Release 15. Your high quality contributions and efforts in taking the responsibility of Rapporteur roles for two key 3GPP specifications; i.e. CAPIF and MCData, simultaneously in the same release is unmatched and deserves this recognition. Thank you on behalf of SA6.”

Suresh Chitturi, Chair 3GPP SA Working Group 6

2017 Aris Papasakellariou RAN1 - Radio layer 1

“As a delegate, you are greatly appreciated for being technology focused during debates, being willing to lead discussions patiently, while significantly contributing to various aspects of LTE and NR standardization. As an editor, you are able to produce the specification – handling all comments with high quality and in a timely manner. A great example of this has been your work on TS38.213 (NR; Physical layer procedures for control (Release 15)) this year, one of the most involved specifications.”

Wanshi Chen, Chair 3GPP RAN Working Group 1

2017 Thomas Stockhammer SA4 - Codec

“It is a pleasure that you receive this award for the excellent contribution and leadership you demonstrated in achieving Rel-14 Enhanced Television Services over 3GPP eMBMS. You have provided technical inputs, given support for the work to progress and – at the same time – made sure the 3GPP status and progress was understood by broadcasters.”

Frédéric Gabin, Chair 3GPP SA Working Group 4

2017 Zou Lan SA5–Telecom Management

“On behalf of all delegates in SA5, I would like to thank you for your outstanding contribution in 2017. This is a year when your work on management and orchestration of network slicing, 5G management architecture, 5G network management, QoE measurement management and network function virtualization (NFV) management deserves special recognition.”

Thomas Tovinger, Chair 3GPP SA Working Group 5

2016 Bruno Landais CT4 - MAP / GTP / BCH / SS

“This 3GPP Excellence Award is in recognition of your outstanding contribution to CT4 on Cellular Internet of Things (CIoT) and Narrow-Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) core network solutions in 2016.

This award recognises also your exceptional productivity, positive dedication and accurate expertise serving CT4 and 3GPP.”

Lional Morand, Chair 3GPP CT Working Group 4

2016 Hanbyul Seo RAN1 - Radio layer 1

“On behalf of all proponents in RAN1, I highly appreciate your excellent work as Rapporteur of Rel-14 V2V and V2X. Thank you very much for your technical activities and the example you give as a delegate colleague.”

Satoshi Nagata, Chair 3GPP RAN Working Group 1

2016 Leif Mattisson RAN5 - Mobile Terminal Conformance Testing

“Leif Mattison is a pillar of the T1/RAN5 community. His professionalism as a lead delegate and rapporteur of many critical features has been an example to all - again in 2016. This work includes the development of conformance test solutions for eMTC, VoWiFi (IR.51), Carrier Aggregation, IMS (MTSI), VoLTE (IR.92) and ViLTE (IR.94), MBMS, eMBMS and Low Cost MTC.

He has carried his knowledge and technical expertise into the GCF and PTCRB where the one-to-one mapping of test development with market requirements has significantly benefitted the wider device related industry.”

Jacob John, Chair 3GPP RAN Working Group 5

2016 Kari Järvinen SA4 - Codec

“Your contribution to the success of 3GPP goes well beyond 2016, but this year's Award is a recognition of your work on the codec selection for MCPTT and your diplomacy and leadership to complete the enTV work despite the challenges encountered.

On behalf of SA4, I would like to thank Kari Järvinen for his major contribution to the group's success.”

Frédéric Gabin, Chair 3GPP SA Working Group 4

2015 Ricky Kaura CT WG1 - MM/CC/SM [lu]

 “In recognition of your positive nature and kind help and support to secure stage-3 progress and aim for completion of MCPTT in Rel-13. You took the responsibility, stepped up and helped out without looking for personal credit or recognition. You have acted as a role model that not only your company and colleagues, but 3GPP as an organisation can be proud of.”

Atle Monrad Chair 3GPP CT Working Group 1

2015 John Diachina GERAN1 / GERAN2 – Radio/Protocol aspects

 “For his efforts and hard work to secure that GSM/EDGE remains a vital technique in 2015. With this award 3GPP acknowledges Mr Diachina’s contributions made in the Release 13 work items Extended Coverage GSM (EC-GSM) and extended Discontinues Reception (eDRX).”

Olof Liberg, Chair 3GPP GERAN Working Group 1
Yang Zhao, Chair 3GPP GERAN Working Group 2

2015  Havish Koorapaty RAN1 - Radio layer 1

 “On behalf of all companies in RAN1, I highly appreciate your excellent work as Rapporteur of Rel-13 LAA. Thank you also very much for your extensive and assertive activities.”

Satoshi Nagata, Chair 3GPP RAN Working Group 1

2015 Yannick Lair SA6 - Mission-critical applications

 “Yannick Lair has played a very unique and critical role of the Rapporteur for MCPTT, which has helped not only the chairmen but the entire SA6 working group to successfully work together and complete a brand new Release-13 specification on time, with a high degree of included functionality. His dedication and commitment to his responsibilities have raised the standard for being a Rapporteur in 3GPP, and also helped build a new culture in SA6.”

Suresh Chitturi & Dave Chater-Lea – SA6 Vice Chair

      Note: In 2015 - The four TSG Chairs agreed that an additional Recognition Award be given to RAN3 expert; Lixiang Xu for her work as rapporteur for two major Work Items, including her skilful and good-humoured management of the strong discussions on Enhanced Signalling for Inter-eNB CoMP. See the 2015 Awards news article for details of this additional award.
 2014 Brian Classon RAN1 - Radio Layer 1 spec  “On behalf of all companies in RAN1, thank you very much for your outstanding and accurate work as Rapporteur and Editor of the complex specification TS36.212 and for your highly productive way of contributing again in 2014”

Satoshi Nagata, Chair 3GPP RAN Working Group 1
 2014 Lena Chaponniere CT1 - MM/CC/SM (lu)  “In recognition of your efforts to get the work on ProSe organized in CT Working Groups, for making one of the most complicated Work Items in CT1 a success and for your fairness, neutrality and pragmatic approach - Which has made you a trusted and respected Rapporteur”

Georg Mayer, Chair 3GPP CT Working Group 1
2014 Himke van der Velde RAN2 - Radio Layer 2 spec, Radio Layer 3 RR spec

“This award is an acknowledgement of your outstanding contribution to the development of LTE in your role as RAN2 delegate and as Rapporteur for the RRC specification. Your broad and deep technical competence paired with unquestionable commitment make you an exceptional delegate”

Henning Wiemann, Chair 3GPP RAN Working Group 2

2014 Thomas Belling CT3 - Interworking with external networks

“Your strong technical background and hard work in CT3 during 2014 brings you this 3GPP Excellence Award. You are a main contributor to the group in multiple areas (e.g. PCC, IMS and CS) and ready to contribute positively to the progress of the work as well as being an outstanding Rapporteur for the CT3 efforts on Group Communication System Enablers, in Release 12”

Qiao Weihua, Chair 3GPP CT Working Group 3

2013 Robert  Love RAN1 - Radio layer 1

“In recognition of your outstanding, patient and accurate work as Rapporteur and Editor”

Satoshi Nagata, Chair 3GPP RAN Working Group 1

2013 Rich Hovey SA1 - Services

“Rich's expertise, patience, hard work and dedication meant that the Stage 1 ProSe requirements were successfully completed.”

Mona Mustapha, Chair 3GPP SA Working Group 1

2013 Gert-Jan van Lieshout RAN2 - Radio layer 2 and Radio layer 3 RR

“This is an acknowledgement of your outstanding contribution to the development of LTE. You drive your ideas with enthusiasm, with broad and deep technical competence, but remain open to the technical merits of other delegates’ proposals. This makes it a real pleasure working with you.”

Henning Wiemann, Chair 3GPP RAN Working Group 2

2012 Hidetoshi Suzuki  RAN1 - Radio layer 1

"In recognition of exceptional work in RAN1, particularly for invaluable efforts in reaching consensus in aspects of EPDCCH design. With grateful thanks on behalf of all companies in RAN1."

Matthew Baker, Chair 3GPP RAN Working Group 1

2012 Jacob John RAN5 - Mobile Terminal Conformance Testing

“Jacob John has contributed significantly to the technical and managerial requirements of TSG RAN Working Group 5. Furthermore, he has carried his knowledge and technical expertise into the GCF greatly benefiting the wider device related industry. In all aspects of his work he has been outstanding ambassador for his company and RAN5 and thoroughly deserves the recognition within the 3GPP community.”

Phil Brown, Chair 3GPP RAN Working Group 5

2012 Edwin Tse SA5–Telecom Management "This is an expression of our thanks to Edwin Tse, for his outstanding contribution to SA5 in 2012, focusing on Converged Management of Fixed and Mobile Networks and OSS Interface Harmonization activities. Your productivity, dedication and expertise are a reference for all 3GPP delegates."

Christian Toche, Chair 3GPP SA Working Group 5

Award Format

The following format and procedure was created after a consultation with officials during TSG SA#54.

“The 3GPP Excellence Award” will be presented at the next Working Group meeting, following the December TSG SA Plenary. Details of the Award will be added to a permanent Roll-of-honour above. 

Awards Panel

The Awards Panel consists of the Four TSG Chairmen. The panel will consider the proposed candidates for an Award, in private and without the need for a Minuted discussion. They will make their decision by seeking consensus between them, under the Chairmanship of the TSG SA Chair.


Award Procedure

To maintain the integrity of the process and to avoid personal disappointment, the 3GPP Excellence Award procedure should be a secret process. The following procedure should be carried out without the knowledge of the nominated person, or any other person not directly involved in the process.

  1. Individuals, not groups, must be nominated by a sitting Working Group Chair. A maximum of ONE candidate per calendar year may be nominated by each Working Group.
  2. Nominations must be received prior to (and not during) the TSG SA December plenary.
  3. The nomination must relate to current, active, work in 3GPP Working Groups.
  4. The Form “The 3GPP Excellence Award Nomination” must be completed and submitted to the 3GPP Marketing and Communications Officer – who is responsible for the Award process.
  5. The Awards panel will consider every nomination, at the December TSG SA Plenary meeting and will inform the appropriate Working Group Chair of their decision.
  6. The decision of the Award Panel is final.
  7. The Panel may only award a maximum of FOUR “3GPP Excellence Awards” per Calendar year.
  8. If the nomination is not accepted, it may be submitted again in the future – by the same process described in 1. above.
  9. Once the positive decision is made, the TSG Chairs will instruct the Marketing and Communications Officer to issue an award pack to the Secretary/Technical Officer. The pack is then given to the Working Group Chair to allow the Award to be distributed at the next Working Group meeting.
Contact for this article: Kevin FLYNN, Marketing and Communications Officer, 3GPP
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