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3GPP 5G Logo use

Application for permission to use the 3GPP 5G logo

See the 5G logo guidelines ...here

The Organizational Partners of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) have agreed that the Project’s name and logos may be made available for use by manufacturers and service providers to declare that their products are based on the Project’s specifications.

Implementers wishing to declare conformity to the 3GPP specifications related to 5G may mark their equipment and documentation with the 5G logo which is protected by copyright and trademark for the benefit of the 3GPP Partners.

5G logo 250pxHowever, use of the 5G logo is subject to the approval of the 3GPP Organizational Partners and is monitored by them. Any misuse of the logo detected by a member of the 3GPP community should be brought to the attention of the 3GPP Marketing & Communication Officer.

On receipt of the email authorization from 3GPP, a royalty free Trademark license is granted to users to allow the use of the 3GPP 5G logo in relation with their products and services complying with the 3GPP specifications, in accordance with the 5G logo guidelines.

Beyond the provision of the ‘5G logo guidelines’, it is the user's responsibility to ensure that the logo is not used in a manner that is misleading or mis-represents the relationship between 3GPP and the user. The Organizational Partners of 3GPP do not provide guidance on the way to comply with the 5G logo guidelines.

The permission to use the 3GPP 5G logo does not involve or imply any certification by the Partners in 3GPP or the 3GPP community that the products or services of manufacturers or service providers comply with the 3GPP specifications. It is intended simply and only to provide a basis of reference for users, network operators and other manufacturers and service providers.

The 3GPP 5G logo shall not be used for products and services that are not in general or specific compliance with the 3GPP specifications.

Training companies and event organizers that would like to use the 3GPP 5G logo for commercial events and training, must send a written request and details of a potential Agreement to the 3GPP Marketing & Communication Officer

Send us your details:

Companies wishing to use the 5G logo are requested to send the information below to kevin.flynn@3gpp.org:

  • Company Name and address & website url
  • Your details : First name, Family name & position within the company
  • Reasons for requesting the use of the 3GPP 5G logo
  • The nature of the intended use of the 3GPP 5G logo
  • Countries you would expect to use the 3GPP 5G logo
  • 3GPP Organizational Partner your company is a member of, if appropriate.

After submitting the request, the applicant will either receive an acknowledgement and the terms of use that need to be complied with or a rejection. Further, with regards to the logo the successful applicant will receive a copy of the 3GPP 5G logo for use and a confirmation of the granted royalty free Trademark license.

See the 5G logo guidelines ...here 



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