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3GPP Work Item mapping to Change Requests

3GPP Work Item = 53089 (GANENH-MStest)

This page lists the approved Change Requests to 3GPP Technical Specifications and Reports associated with the above work item. Click on the CR find it in the CR table associated with the spec to which it pertains. Click on the spec to open its web page.

Spec CR number and Revision CR Title
51.010-1 4175 51.010-1-4175 GAN Iu mode lower layer fault test cases (Rel-8)
51.010-1 4176 51.010-1-4176 GAN Iu mode GA-RRC connection management test cases (Rel-8)
51.010-1 4177 51.010-1-4177 GAN Iu mode upper layer message transmission test cases (Rel-8)
51.010-1 4178 51.010-1-4178 GAN Iu mode paging test cases (Rel-8)
51.010-1 4179 rev 1 51.010-1-4179 GAN Iu mode traffic channel activation test cases (Rel-8)
51.010-1 4180 51.010-1-4180 GAN Iu mode security mode control test cases (Rel-8)
51.010-1 4181 51.010-1-4181 GAN Iu mode traffic channel modification test cases (Rel-8)
51.010-1 4182 51.010-1-4182 GAN Iu mode traffic channel deactivation test cases (Rel-8)
51.010-1 4407 CR 51.010-1-4407 Correction for section 84
51.010-2 0640 CR 51.010-2-0640 Introduction of EGAN test cases in 51.010-2

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