The Mobile
Broadband Standard

Specifications not yet available

The Specs listed below are not yet available following the most recent round of TSG meetings:

Spec Title Event Vers Remark WG
29.515 5G System; GMLC Services; Stage 3 CT4#90 0.0.0 CT4
31.130 (U)SIM Application Programming Interface (API); (U)SIM API for Java™ Card CT#83 15.1.0 CT6
37.470 W1 general aspects and principles RAN3#103-Bis 0.3.0 RAN3
38.821 Solutions for NR to support non-terrestrial networks RAN3#103-Bis 0.5.0 RAN3
38.716-03-01 NR inter-band Carrier Aggregation (CA) / Dual Connectivity (DC) Rel-16 for 3 bands Down Link (DL) / 1 bands Up Link (UL) RAN4#90-Bis 0.0.1 RAN4
21.915 Release description; Release 15 SA#83 1.1.0 SA
22.278 Service requirements for the Evolved Packet System (EPS) SA#83 16.2.0 SA1
22.826 Study on communication services for critical medical applications SA1#86 0.3.0 SA1
22.827 Study on Audio-Visual Service Production SA1#86 1.1.0 SA1
22.829 Enhancement for UAVs SA1#86 0.3.0 SA1
22.831 Study on Support for Minimization of service Interruption SA1#86 0.1.0 SA1
22.834 Study on Support for Multi-USIM Devices SA1#86 0.1.0 SA1
22.836 Study on asset tracking use cases SA1#86 0.3.0 SA1
22.842 Study on Network Controlled Interactive Service in 5GS SA1#86 1.2.0 SA1
22.854 Feasibility Study on Multimedia Priority Service (MPS) Phase 2 SA1#86 1.1.0 SA1
22.866 Enhanced relays for energy efficiency and extensive coverage SA1#86 0.3.0 SA1
33.809 Study on 5G security enhancements against false base stations SA3#95 0.4.0 SA3
33.861 Study on evolution of cellular IoT security for the 5G System SA3#95 1.1.0 SA3
26.501 5G Media Streaming (5GMS); General description and architecture SA4-MBS SWG AH on 5GMSA 1.2.0 SA4

Number of Specs not yet available: 19