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3GPP Release 17 and UAV Applications

July 22, 2022

New report by 3GPP Partner - ATIS

ATIS today published its 3GPP Release 17 – Building Blocks for UAV Applications report, describing how mobile networks supporting 3GPP Release 17 specifications can enable uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) applications. It also shows how the 3GPP system can be used to enhance the safe use of UAVs for commercial and leisure applications.

Today's ATIS news release identifies how UAVs are heavily dependent on wireless communications in areas such as command & control, location-finding, collision avoidance and remote identification.

A new look for our website

July 7, 2022

During the summer, we will launch a new look 3GPP website. We are currently transferring content and testing functionality, with a view to a mid-August launch date.

The new site is designed to allow newcomers to gain easier access to the information they need. New pages and sections are provided to get new experts, and the more casual visitor, to the information that they need.

While making that step, we have also tried to not fix what isn’t broken, so we have kept all of the data rich ‘dynareport’ content and the quick links to much used resources under ‘3GPP Groups’, ‘Specifications and Technologies’ and a new ‘Delegate’s corner’.

NTN & Satellite in Rel-17 & 18

By: Munira Jaffar & Nicolas Chuberre, Members of the GSOA Standards Working Group - Article first published in HIGHLIGHTS Issue 03, Oct. 2021.

The approval of normative activities on Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) in Rel-17 has generated growing interest in the topic. The Rel-17 NTN work items are supported by a wide range of vendors (terminal, chipset, network), as well as service providers from both the mobile and space industries and vertical user groups including ESOA.

The Rel-17 NTN and satellite work items in Technical Specification Group (TSG) RAN and TSG SA have been progressing towards the goal of satellite inclusion in 3GPP technical specifications. The focus is on transparent payload architecture with FDD systems where all UEs are assumed to have GNSS capabilities. The normative phase includes adaptation to the physical & access layer aspects, radio access network and system architecture, radio resource management, and RF requirements for targeted satellite networks operating at LEO, MEO or GEO orbits.

Recent News

Breakfast talks for newcomers

June 2, 2022

Attendees at the Plenaries in Budapest will have the opportunity to attend the ‘3GPP Newcomer Orientation Session’, held on the Tuesday of TSGs#96 meetings (08:00 – 09:00).

The agenda for the meeting is based around a series of introductory presentations by the three TSG chairs, followed by Q&A (~30 minutes).

Who can attend?

Only delegates to the Plenaries can register and attend. Some places are available for remote participation (joining details to follow), but these are restricted to registered meeting participants - attending remotely - only, not external persons on this occasion.

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