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TSG GERAN was responsible for the specification of the Radio Access part of GSM/EDGE, more specifically:2013 01 geran video-2-7dc9b

  • RF layer,
  • Layer 1, 2 and 3, internal (Abis, Ater) and external (A, Gb) interfaces,
  • Conformance test specifications for all aspects of GERAN base stations and terminals and
  • GERAN specific O&M specifications for the nodes in the GERAN. 


Terms of reference

The latest terms of reference were approved at 3GPP/OP Meeting#3 (July 2000) and its terms of reference are in document OP3_07.

The technical specification development work within 3GPP is accomplished by Technical Specification Groups (TSGs) according to the principles and rules contained in the Project reference documentation (Partnership Project Description, Partnership Project Agreement, Partnership Project Working Procedures). In particular, the TSGs report to the Project coordination Group (PCG), and may organize their work in Working Groups and liaise with other groups as appropriate.

Each TSG has the responsibility to develop, approve and maintain the specifications within its terms of reference.

The TSG GSM/EDGE Radio Access Network (GERAN) is responsible for the radio access part for GERAN specifications.

Specifically it has a responsibility for:

  • GERAN Radio aspects, and interfaces.
  • Management of work items placed under its responsibility.

Addressing the following areas of work:

  • RF aspects of GERAN
  • GERAN Radio Layer 1 specification;
  • GERAN Radio Layer 2 specification;
  • GERAN Radio Layer 3 RR specification
  • A interface specification, Gb interface specification
  • Internal GERAN interface specifications such as Abis, and Ater (CCU-TRAU)
  • Conformance test specifications for testing of all aspects of GERAN base stations
  • Conformance test specifications for testing of all aspects of GERAN terminals
  • Specifications for GERAN radio performance and RF system aspects.
  • GERAN specific O&M specifications for the nodes in the GERAN
  • Liaising with other TSGs to ensure overall co-ordination.

Glossary of terms

CCU  Channel Codec Unit 
 CN Core Network 
GSM  Global System for Mobiles 
EDGE  Enchanced Data for GSM Evolution 
RR Radio Resource
TRAU Trancoder and Rate Adapter Unit
O&M Operations and Maintance



TSG GERAN and its WGs were created on the closure of ETSI Technical Committee SMG, and the transfer of all remaining 2G radio work to 3GPP.


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