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<<NEW 2021-02-11>> Election for a Chairman and one Vice Chairman of SA WG4 will be held during SA WG4 meeting #113-e, 6 to 14 April 2021 via the new 3GPP voting application tool. The elections page in the 3GPP website will be updated in parallel for the time being.

<<UPDATED 2020-07-01>> There has been a recent change of affiliations in the 3GPP SA WG4 leadership:

  1. The current Chairman of 3GPP SA WG4 Mr. Frederic Gabin has changed his affiliation from Ericsson LM (ETSI) to Dolby Laboratories Inc. (ETSI) on 2020-06-29.
  2. The current Vice Chairman of 3GPP SA WG4 Mr. Gilles Teniou has changed his affiliation from Orange (ETSI) to Tencent (CCSA) on 2020-07-01. 

There has been no opposition from SA WG4 delegates to Mr. Frederic Gabin & Mr. Gilles Teniou in continuing the mandate at 3GPP following their recent change of company. 

Terms of reference 

The latest terms of reference were revised at TSG SA#90 in document SP-200929


Within the 3GPP Technical Specification Group Service and System Aspects (SA), the main objectives of the 3GPP TSG SA WG4 (SA4) are the specifications of codecs for speech, audio, video, graphics and other media types related to emerging services such as extended realities (XR) and gaming, as well as the system and delivery aspects of such contents. These objectives includes defining content formats and delivery protocols for unicast, multicast and broadcast streaming, cloud and edge computing architectures, media APIs, media handling in multimedia telephony, terminal acoustics requirements and performance testing, end-to-end service performance, objective and subjective quality testing, quality of experience (QoE) metrics, definition of traffic characteristics for media services, reporting for all services involving media aspects, and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning models for multimedia.

SA WG4 is currently responsible for the XR-based services and traffic characteristics, Next Generation Video for 5G, Media Distribution over 5G unicast/multicast and broadcast, Media Cloud and Edge Processing in 5GS, Glass-based Augmented Reality, VR conferencing, Immersive Voice and Audio Services and Extension for headset interface tests of UE.

Scope of Responsibilities

The TSG SA WG4 is responsible for:

  • Development and maintenance of specifications of codecs for speech, audio, video, graphics and other newly emerging media types, as well as the transport and handling of such media including related session descriptions and storage formats;
  • Definition of unicast and multicast/broadcast streaming and real-time communication media services and architectures (including media-centric cloud and edge computing architectures), interfaces and media APIs, media profiles, session descriptions, and content delivery protocols;
  • Guidance to other 3GPP groups concerning required QoS parameters, traffic characteristics and other system implications, imposed by different multimedia codecs, systems and service needs;
  • Speech, audio, video, and multimedia quality evaluation including new evaluation methods, testing, verification, characterisation, selection criteria, quality of experience (QoE) metrics & reporting, and UE media data analytics reporting;
  • Support of third-party media services and applications to benefit from 3GPP defined system and associated radio functionalities pertaining to these services/applications by providing suitable network and client interfaces/APIs;
  • End-to-end performance, including terminal characteristics, of speech, audio, video, and multimedia services;
  • Interoperability aspects with existing mobile and fixed networks from codec and media transport point of view.

These responsibilities are specific to 3GPP multimedia services involving speech, audio, video, graphics or other media. Such services include, but are not limited to, multimedia telephony, mission critical services, multimedia unicast and multicast/broadcast streaming, content delivery, online gaming, as well as emerging services for extended realities (XR) and also those based on cloud and edge computing architectures and artificial intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) for multimedia.

In conducting its work, the Multimedia Codecs, Systems, and Services WG will strive to specify best possible technical solutions along with the global use of the codecs and other technologies with flexibility needs imposed by different regional requirements and preferences, including differences in quality/capacity trade-offs.

In conducting its work, the SA WG4 will regularly communicate with other 3GPP WGs, and also with other SDOs and industry groups that work on codecs and multimedia aspects such as ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29, DASH-IF, IETF and ITU-T Study Groups 12 and 16.

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