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SA WG2 Architecture is in charge of developing the Stage 2 of the 3GPP network. Based on the services requirements elaborated by SA WG1, SA WG2 identifies the main functions and entities of the network, how these entities are linked to each other and the information they exchange. The output of SA WG2 is used as input by the groups in charge of the definition of the precise format of messages in Stage 3 (Stage 2 for the Radio Access Network is under TSG RAN’s responsibility). The group has a system-wide view, and decides on how new functions integrate with the existing network entities.

Terms of reference 

The latest terms of reference were approved at SA#2 in document SP-99052

"Definition, evolution and maintenance of the overall architecture including the assignment of functions to particular subsystems (e.g. UTRAN, CN, Terminal, USIM) and associated high level functional interactions. 

In co-operation with the other TSGs, define required services, service capabilities and bearers capabilities offered by the different subsystems, including Quality of Service requirements for access to both packet and circuit switched networks.
In addition the Architecture Working Group will consider how to carry out the technical co-ordination and overview role with the other 3GPP TSGs."


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