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Stereoscopic 3D video

The most recent 3GPP Release 11 specifications include the support of stereoscopic 3D video, thus providing a major step towards 3D content for mobile users.

The 3GPP Codec working group - SA4 - completed their study on Mobile stereoscopic 3D video earlier this year, assessing use cases and probable solutions.

Now, the working group has completed specification work, selecting the video codecs:
    • H.264/AVC frame compatible formats enabling re-use of existing 3D video deployments, and
    • MVC, the 3D extension of H.264/AVC for the support of full resolution per view formats.

lion3GPP video services like HTTP and RTP-based streaming (3GP-DASH, PSS), broadcasting/multicasting (MBMS), download and progressive download (3GPP file format) and messaging (MMS) all support these video codecs and dedicated signaling.

The updated specifications bringing stereoscopic 3D video into 3GPP are:

Future Radio in 3GPP

June 2012

The 3GPP RAN Chairman held a workshop this week, to identify common requirements for future 3GPP radio access technologies.

As well as the call for higher data rates and more capacity to cope with traffic predictions - with usage set to double in each of the next five years – 3GPP companies agreed that priority must also be given to complimentary areas:

  • Energy saving
  • Cost efficiency
  • Support for diverse application and traffic types
  • Backhaul enhancements

After the discussions on those ‘Requirements’, presentations also brought forward proposals for potential technologies for 3GPP elaboration.

Global Initiative for M2M Standardization

Seven Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) are set to create a cooperative M2M standards activity.

In doing this, they intend to pull together multiple industries to create specifications that will improve the return on investment on standards work and create a worldwide potential for M2M applications. This approach has been inspired by the 3GPP model and during the establishment of the M2M initiative, the SDOs have looked to 3GPP and its market-focus and global participation as a bench mark.

3GPP systems are also expected to be a vital enabler for M2M from the outset.

A press release, issued simultaneously by the SDOs, announced that “the global initiative will be established early in 2012 and will then initiate the technical work to meet the challenges of rapidly evolving industries.”

3GPP Old Mobile phone competition

There were some emotional moments – after hours - on the Tuesday evening of the 3GPP SA meeting, in Berlin. Nothing to do with the progress of Carrier Aggregation or Machine to machine priorities, but around a bunch of odd looking phones, brought here for the 3GPP ‘OLD MOBILE PHONE COMPETITION’.

The rules were few, but strict. Each contender had to be present & demonstrate their phone and had to attempt a voice call over the local network.

From the weighty and barely transportable Motorola 1000 through the ancient Ericsson GH197 and original Nokia 2110, to the almost indestructible Siemens S10 brick and the classic house building material that was the Nokia Communicator…the surprising fact is that given a good power supply and an active SIM card, these phones still work and do what they were designed to do – communicate.

LTE System Overviews

Join the thousands of visitors who have seen the Spectool LTE System Overview videos that have been inspired by 3GPP Releases. LTE was first published in Rel-8 of the standard - with LTE-Advanced and Rel-10 taking LTE to the 4th Generation.

The narration on the video allows you to better understand the graphics as they unfold.

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