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September 30, 2020

On Thursday, October 1, Suresh Chitturi (SA6 Chair) will join colleagues from ETSI to discuss the role of 3GPP in the effort to harmonize Edge computing standards. The webinar “Boost innovation and create business opportunities with mobile edge computing” will start at 3:00 pm CEST and will be available on replay to registered attendees.

SA6 quoteFollowing on from the ETSI Webinar - Suresh Chitturi will present on 3GPP SA6 activities during two GSMA member only gatherings, in October. Firstly, at the GSMA North American Vertical Applications (NAVA) Taskforce meeting (October 2), followed by the GSMA Operator Platform Group (OPG) meeting (October 6).

In his presentation “3GPP SA6, Accelerating 5G Application Standards!” Suresh will introduce the latest progress on the application layer standards in 3GPP and explain the 3GPP ‘EDGEAPP’ architecture. He will also look at some specific use cases that are benefitting from 3GPP Vertical Application Enablers to help them make best use of 3GPP systems.

These talks will look at new SA6 work, covering ongoing Release-17 activities which are broadly classified into Mission Critical Services, 5G Service Frameworks and 5G Vertical Enablers.

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Talking about his participation in all three events, Suresh Chitturi observed that: “These events are confirmation of how the work of 3GPP Application Standards is being embraced by other industry leading organizations”

About the ETSI webinar

See details of the ETSI Webinar “Boost innovation and create business opportunities with mobile edge computing” …here: https://www.etsi.org/events/1811-webinar-boost-innovation-and-create-business-opportunities-with-mobile-edge-computing 

The webinar is available for viewing there.

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