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3GPP Specs in LTE Voice Call Tests
The MultiService Forum, working closely with the GSMA has demonstrated successful VoLTE calls and MMTel services across different networks, using equipment from 19 participating equipment manufacturers.

To promote the success of the event, they have also published a white paper - “MSF VoLTE Interoperability” - which concludes that “…VoLTE is a viable solution for providing voice services over LTE access technology, and can be deployed with roaming and interconnect functionality to provide equivalent service as CS-based voice services today.”

The 3GPP interfaces (Technical Specifications) used during testing were fully listed in Section 3 of the MSF Testing Scenarios created for the event.

About the Test event

Taken from http://www.msforum.org/interoperability/VoLTE.shtml:

“…Over 65 network elements from 19 participating vendors were tested by 60 test engineers using 200 pages of test plans during this three-week event. The test scenarios included 89 test cases and 561 scheduled tests based on different vendor combinations.”

The MSF/GSMA VoLTE Interoperability test event focused on validating core network interfaces to ensure multi-vendor deployment strategies for LTE technology. It also validated the MSF physical scenarios (See list below) developed to incorporate 3GPP LTE/EPC technology and GSMA technical recommendations.

High-Level Test Scenarios

  • Voice over LTE (compliant to GSMA PRD IR.92)

  • Roaming and Interconnect (compliant to GSMA PRD's IR.65 and IR.88)

  • GERAN/UTRAN Access to EPC

  • Handover/Relocation

  • Self Organizing Networks/Automatic Neighbour Relation

Both details of the Test scenarios and a copy of the White paper are available at http://www.msforum.org/interoperability/VoLTE.shtml

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